Foods For a Stronger Immune System

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Have you thought of just using food for a stronger immune system??

I am a firm believer that most illnesses and health problems can be prevented through simple dietary and lifestyle changes. This is done by strengthening the miracle inside of us: our immune system.

With all of the advice out there about how to strengthen your immune system, I thought I would add in some natural and simple advice.

Let me tell you about 15 common foods you probably already have that can help you get a stronger immune system.

Top 15 Foods For a Stronger Immune System

  1. Citrus fruits- Are full of Vitamin C.
  2. Red bell peppers- Contain even more Vitamin C and help with Vitamin A production.
  3. Broccoli- Is packed with Vitamins A, C, and E and contains fiber and antioxidants. The most benefit comes when it is lightly cooked or steamed. 
  4. Garlic- Is used to fight infection around the world because of it’s immune-boosting properties
  5. Ginger- Ginger can alleviate many symptoms, fight inflammation, and boost your immune system.
  6. Spinach- Has lots of Vitamin C, antioxidants, and helps with Vitamin A production. Spinach also confers the greatest benefit after being slightly cooked or steamed.
  7. Yogurt- Can provide Vitamin D and raw strains also provide helpful probiotics for your microbiome. 
  8. Almonds- Provides the fat-soluble Vitamin E. 
  9. Sunflower Seeds- Contain Vitamins B-6 and E along with several important minerals like phosphorous, magnesium, and selenium.
  10. Turmeric- Can promote health in many ways and is the key to many herbal remedies. Enjoy the recipes below with Turmeric in them.
  11. Green Tea- Has different antioxidants and amino acids that boost immune functions. 
  12. Papaya- Is loaded with Vitamin C and contains other important minerals. 
  13. Kiwi- Naturally contains folate, potassium, and Vitamin K and C.
  14. Poultry- Contains helpful Vitamin B-6. 
  15. Shellfish- Can be a great source of Zinc, healthy fats, and other key nutrients for immune function.


This is just a small snapshot of the benefits of many of the above foods. The information was adapted from this article if you want to learn more. 

Obviously, this isn’t an exhaustive list of all the foods for a stronger immune system. In fact, I believe that almost all whole foods play an important part in strengthening our immune system! 

That means you don’t have to focus on that expensive supplement or those superfoods from the rainforest, and you can focus on eating whole foods grown locally to provide yourself with all of the key vitamins and minerals you need.

That lifestyle is cheaper and more sustainable.

You probably know that I am big on preparedness and self-reliance, so learning how to find health through simple and sustainable means is my goal for you!

I hope you enjoy my recipes below, then I hope you do your own research, find other amazing foods local to you, and come up with some new amazing recipes!

Then just make sure you share them with me so I can enjoy them too. 

Recipes for a Stonger Immune System

Many people have problems eating dairy, so the first two recipes provide great alternatives or healthier forms of traditional dairy that most anyone can enjoy. 

This next recipe is my go-to anytime someone has a cold or flu. It makes you feel much better and recover very quickly. It is also just a tasty drink for a cold day.

The Golden Milk recipe below is definitely a family favorite! For years my family drank a green smoothie every morning, but we have found that they just aren’t enjoyable and don’t make us feel good during the cold winter months.

So, I have learned that other cultures use hot drinks in the mornings with just as many benefits as any green smoothie you could find. 

Enjoy this traditional Ayurvedic drink: Golden Milk.

When I am craving a cold treat, this is definitely my go-to!

I hope you use this advice and these recipes. Right now we all have too many things to worry about, so use these foods for a stronger immune system to help alleviate that worry!

My goal with this article isn’t to teach you every food that can strengthen your immune system.

It is to help you realize that there are simple, natural, and self-reliant things you can do daily to prepare your immune system for anything that comes your way!

And, I barely scratched the surface on all of the easy and natural ways to boost immunity– If you want to learn more, schedule an appointment with our experts here at Total Care Dental and Wellness to take your health to the next level!

To a stronger immune sytem,

Dr. Michelle

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Table of Contents

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