Multi-Vitamin Smoothie

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Hello, It’s Dr. Michelle Jorgensen.

I get a lot of questions about supplements.

  • Do I need to take supplements?
  • What supplements should I take?
  • How often and how many should I take?

I certainly believe that there are times when supplements are necessary, but I prefer whole food sources of vitamins and minerals!


Because your body can absorb use the nutrients from whole foods much more efficiently.

Also, it just tastes better.

These are the same kind of principles I teach all of my patients that come into the office.

All my patients learn what to eat to maintain good overall and dental health, and they learn any supplement they could need. 

If you want this type of help, make sure to schedule an appointment with me here.

Enjoy this Multi-Vitamin Smoothie, and I’ll see you soon!

Enjoy! Dr. Michelle

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Table of Contents


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