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My daughter did so fabulous yesterday after surgery. Even though she was in a lot of pain from her mouth, she had energy otherwise. She kept telling me she could breathe better, that her whole body felt better. She could walk up the stairs easily because she could breathe and her heart didn’t hurt.

Her normal resting heart rate has been 106 – 112. Her standing heart rate without exertion has been 112-126. Her regular doctor has been worried for her but has been unable to help get that rate lowered. Yesterday, her resting heart rate was 74 and her standing without exertion heart rate was 78. Her heart rate increased walking up stairs to 84. SO incredible!

Under regular circumstances, Stacey would have had a lupus flare by two hours into the surgery and a migraine come on. She never had a lupus flare yesterday and no migraine. This is miraculous—but I knew that things would calm down after getting rid of so much infection.

I cannot thank you enough and especially Dr. Jorgensen for her concern and care. We are so humbled by Dr. Jorgensen’s willingness to put special effort and extra time into blessing our daughter with her talents and technology. We know the Lord led us to Dr. Jorgensen so that she could help in ways that no one else could. There are miracles today and this is one BIG one for us. A lot of people were praying for a good outcome.

So, thanks to all that helped her. We just know that this will be a turning point in her health.


5 star reviewDesi E

Total Care Dental makes me wish I could have a partial life do-over. If I would have had them caring for me from the beginning, I never would have suffered or struggled so much with my teeth. In fact, I would have perfect teeth today if they would have been my carers.

katie ronsse 5 star review

5-starKatie Ronsse

Fabulous People and Service! I feel like I’ve been getting world-class dental care from some truly great people.

mikayla patten 5 star review

5 starMikayla Patten

I love Total Care Dental. Everyone there is so nice and they all treat me like a friend. They are so good at remembering who everyone is and can remember what you even told them the last time you went in. It is such an amazing experience there and I hope to never go anywhere else!

steve pingree

5 starSteve Pingree

Everyone at Total Care Dental treats me great, and they do excellent work. They make going to the dentist kind of fun.


tim gibson review

5 startim gibson

Awesome, my wife and I love the care, laughs, and personal touch.


jaymie farr review

5 starJaymie Farr

Some people are born with dentist anxiety, and I was one of them. I haven’t been able to get dental work (more than a cleaning) for 10+ years. I tried many different dentists and approaches, and nothing seemed to work. The staff and dentists at Total Care Dental completely changed my experience going to the dentist, and today I was able to get the work done that I needed without fear and anxiety!

Here are a few things to love about Total Care Dental:

  • Everyone in the office is friendly and professional. They know my name and talk to me like an old friend. They never make me feel stupid for my anxieties, and treat my concerns as legitimate concerns.
  • Dr. Jorgensen is an exceptional dentist. She is thorough in her exams and clearly explains the procedures. She is quick in completing the work and did an excellent job (I couldn’t even feel the shots when she was numbing me up!). She even called me the evening after my appointment to check up on me!
  • Warm blankets from the dryer
  • Accommodating to patient’s needs (noise-cancelling headphones, special calming music/herbal supplements, working with the patient to determine the best way to get the work done, etc.)
  • Billing and office staff are very involved and clearly explain billing, scheduling, etc.
  • Warm cookies on the way out!

My husband and I call Total Care Dental the “Dental Spa”. At first I was disappointed to find that the practice was out-of-network on our dental plan, but the 10% extra cost for out-of-network dentists has been totally worth it.

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