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Karen - Holistic Dentist Patient in utah

The doctors at Total Care Dental - along with their AMAZING staff - make a visit to the dentist something you never dread! There is laughter always in the air, hot blankets if you are cold, detailed cleaning, and incredible attention to you as a patient. The doctors explain everything going on inside your mouth, and how dental health affects your health overall! Michelle and her staff have created the BEST dental experience our family has ever had or seen anywhere - thank you TCD!

Erica - Holistic Dentist Patient in Utah Review

As a holistic practitioner it was important to me to find a dentist/dental practice that would be supportive of not just my goals for teeth health but for overall health. I’ve been to many dentists over the years and Total Care Dental outperforms every one of them. They take a complete healthcare approach, are sensitive to individual needs, knowledgeable and take time to make sure no unnecessary procedures are a part of care and that the experience is as positive and patient-centric as possible. I recommend them to family, friends, and clients now and love the service and support I know I have received and that they can count on as well.

Susan- Holistic Dentist Patient in Utah Review

Best dental visit I've ever had! The whole staff was so friendly and I felt they all genuinely cared about my well being. Michelle Jorgensen is such a wonderful dentist and an incredible person. I love all of her knowledge and wisdom that she shares. Wendy gave me the best cleaning I ever had and Alyssa and Margot were so great to talk to. Thanks for making my visit so great and being the wonderful people that you are! See you all again soon!

Amazing experience today w/ Dr. Mishler and his team! I’m so grateful that there’s a Periodontal Wellness Center in Utah that provides such high quality service, w/ PRF, IV Vitamin C, Ozone, and the best and absolute safest practices for amazing patient outcomes. Dr. Mishler even called me personally a few hours after my procedure, to make sure I was recovering well. Thoroughly impressed!

Dr. Mishler and his team took great care to ensure my comfort while performing oral surgery on me today. I look forward to getting the implant placed and moving forward in my healing from chronic issues brought on by infection in an old extraction site.

Their dental surgeon, Dr. Mischler is fantastic!!! He is so gentle, precise and thorough that I calm down while he is working because I know I am getting the very best care. Oh, AND he does the best Novocain shots ever! I thank God, literally for this amazing dentist!

These people are absolutely amazing! They truly care about their patients! Dr Jones and Camille were beyond patient with my high strung daughter and her severe dental phobia. They bent over backwards to help her and answer all my questions regarding a complex situation. We were super high maintenance and they never missed a beat!

We found our place! I’d give 10 stars if I could, I brought my 6 yr old daughter in to see Dr.Jones and we had a wonderful experience. We love Stephanie her assistant also. Very friendly and accommodating. So grateful for their knowledge and understanding of total body health and how it affects oral health and vice versa. I was so enlightened and so very happy to find a place where I know my family and I will be well cared for.

We have been going to Total Care Dental for over 20 years. They make going to the dentist almost fun 😅. They really care. Dr. Michelle Jorgenson has created a dental practice unique from most others. They offer natural options and alternative ideas to give you the most choices for your individual needs. They offer many “state-of-the-art” procedures. I am confident they will be meeting our family dental needs for a long time.

In March of 2021, I had an unexplained vertigo episode that crippled me for over 3 weeks. I was unable to work, drive, move freely or do things I loved to do. I had been to the ER, family Dr, physical therapist, neurologist, 2 chiropractors, and ENT, trying to find answers to something that came on suddenly. I came to Dr. Jorgensen and Dr. Preble about 6 weeks into my vertigo journey. By this time, I was somewhat functional and back to work. The x-rays done and the muscle testing that was done convinced me to invest in myself and get a mouthpiece made. My jawbone was pushed into my eardrums. It is now December of 2021 and the symptoms have drastically changed. I no longer have migraines, high-pitched ringing in my ears, hearing loss, jaw soreness, and tenderness, popping in my ears, dizziness, lightheadedness, and I have almost a full movement of my head/neck without any symptoms. Dr. Preble gave me hope that there was hope to stop all of my issues or even just a few. Though my process of healing and adjusting is not complete, I am very pleased and happy with the results I have gotten so far. I would never have guessed all my issues were due to my jaw.

Where do I start! The dentist (Dr. Derekl) was super good! Explained everything well and did it super fast! Impatient siblings in the car so..gotta go😁but would totally 💯 hands down recommend!!!

Katie - Holistic Dentist patient in utah

I wish I found Total Care Dental 10 years ago. They were amazing. For the first time ever I left the dentist with warm and fuzzy feelings, which hasn’t been my experience with other dental offices in the past. Our dental hygienist was so very knowledgeable and sweet with my little girl. We also got to meet the pediatric dentist Dr. Jones. She was very knowledgeable, helpful and understanding. My experience was everything I hoped it would be and more. I will be telling everyone I know to go to their office.

Terri - Holistic Dentist Patient in Utah Review

I found my dental care from Total Care Dental to be top notch. The staff made every effort to assure my comfort, from a warm blanket to the freshly warmed and wet washcloth to wash my lip area off after the procedure. The mints and lip balm was a pleasant surprise and really helped. The dental procedure was delivered with no pain, not even during the injection. Care was taken to go slowly and I never had a sense of anything being rushed. I appreciate the passion and dedication that Dr. Jorgensen and her colleagues and staff demonstrate in their practice. Their entire focus is offering dental health that will support the person's whole body. They believe that the health of our body begins in the mouth, and they train, practice and teach their clients how to achieve this.

Paul - Holistic Dentist Patient in Utah Review

I have been to many dentists throughout my life and I have to say that Total Care Dental is the most professional, most effective and most friendly medical office I have ever been to. It takes about 40 minutes for me to get there, but they are worth the extra travel time. They really are the best.

I would highly recommend this place! It was my husband’s and I first time here, and we were just taken care of! I couldn't have come to the right place. We just felt true Love and care! The staff really cares about your well being, and they truly want to do what is best for you. You can feel that I had a root canal that was infected and Dr. Mishler just took great care of me and saved my upper tooth and took care of my bottom tooth. Just by looking at his whole demeanor, I could tell he wanted what was best for me and wanted to help me. He even called to see how I was doing what a Dentist does that. I can’t even say words to describe how blessed I feel for going to this place. You will not be disappointed they are the best!

Dr. Mishler did my four deeply infected cavitations in 2022, from wisdom teeth extracted over 20 years prior, which had rotted some of my jaw bone, and had to be cleaned up or it would have hurt my overall health. Not an easy surgery. I had an easy recovery and no complications. Dr. Mishler is very competent, a former cosmetic and general practice MD, and my wife, Dr. Jorgenson who owns the practice converted to biological dentistry over a decade ago, does all new patient intakes and is Utah's best biological dentist (my wife knows them all). I can't recommend Dr. Jorgenson and the dentists she's trained more highly. Most dentists have sold out to a large corporation they now work for--and this practice is still family-owned."GreenSmoothieGirl" Robyn Openshaw, has recommended many people to Total Care Dental over the years. Not many biological dentists have a highly skilled surgeon. Many dentists are doing surgery without doing the extra training Dr. Mishler has gotten. He does the work on Total Care Dental's staff and their families! As well as 3 generations of my wife's family.

Excellent patient care from start to finish! I was able to get a same day appointment to address a cracked tooth as a first-time patient. Both Stephanie and Dr. Lyndi were extremely friendly and informative. Overall this was a great experience and I look forward to taking care of my future dental needs through Total Care.

Amazing experience. The staff was super knowledgeable. Dr. Jorgensen is amazing to work with. I love the wholistic approach to dentistry. They treat all of me not just my teeth. I love it.

I have been going to Total Care now more than one year. I have been having treatment from Dr Preble for my sleep apnea for more than a year now. Man, I cannot believe how wonderful it is to sleep naturally. It's been a journey that's for sure. A lot of hard work on my part and their part but it is well worth it. I can't say enough good things about Total Care. Everyone there is so nice! I tell my friends "I'm going to the spa" 😂😂😂

I recently started wearing a neuromuscular appliance and having night laze treatments with Dr. Preble to address my TMJ and airway issues. I was nervous at first about wearing the appliance, but I have adjusted quickly to wearing it and everything has gone much better than expected. Night laze was a breeze, very noninvasive and quick. The good news is that my husband has said he hasn’t noticed me snoring lately. I can hardly wait to continue and see how things continue to improve.

My son... had an appointment and got his first filling. Dr. Derek and Mary were super sweet with him making sure he had a good first experience. My son said later he never even felt the needle! Natalie and the rest of the team were also super nice and helpful. I can’t say enough good things about them!!!

Geni - Holistic Dentist Patient in Utah Review

I would highly recommend this place! It was my husband’s and I first time here, and we were just taken care of! I couldn't have come to the right place. We just felt true Love and care! The staff really cares about your well being, and they truly want to do what is best for you. You can feel that I had a root canal that was infected And Dr. Mishler just took great care of me and saved my upper tooth and took care of my bottom tooth. Just by looking at his whole demeanor, I could tell he wanted what was best for me and wanted to help me. He even called to see how I was doing what a Dentist does that. I can’t even say words to describe how blessed I feel for going to this place. You will not be disappointed they are the best!

alicia - Holistic Dentist Patient in Utah Review

Loved my entire experience. Warmly greeted, pleasant office staff. I was given the grand tour and introduced to staff members, and the best part - you can have a dairy free, gluten free cookie and a smoothie - the cookie was delicious. Not to worry, there are new toothbrushes and earth paste in the restroom to clean up for an exam if needed. Going through the new patient consultation was informative and every question I had was answered. I would recommend Total Care Dental to anyone looking for holistic dentistry.

andrew - Holistic Dentist Patient in Utah Review

Excellent! Amazing! Wonderful! Best office visit I've ever experienced!! The most accommodating excited friendly people I've ever experienced. The dentist was by far the most knowledgeable trustworthy dentist I've ever experienced! The office is beautiful, comfortable and clean! I can wait to take my whole family to get their much needed dental visits now that I found the dentist of my dreams! It's nice to not be taken advantage of and pushed to have unnecessary toxic treatments. I don't have to be on the defense anymore. They were very understanding and happy to answer all my questions.

I am so happy with the care I have received at Total Care Dental. I have spent way too much of my life in the dentist chair since childhood and I really dislike having dental appointments. I looked for a dental office like Total Care for a long time. A place where they look at my overall health and how it relates to the health of my teeth and gums, and the addition of herbs and vitamins and how they can support me after dental work. I just had a tooth extraction because of an abscess, and I am very pleased with how the process went and how good I am feeling afterward. The call from the surgeon (Dr. Mishler) the next day was a nice addition to my feeling that they care about me as a patient.

I’m probably one of their tougher cases. I’m so grateful for Dr Mishler and the wonderful staff who have encouraged and stayed with me through it all. Whenever I’ve had a question they get back to me. It’s taking time, but I feel confident that my new implants with Dr. Mishler will be successful after having them fail a few years ago. He is gifted as well as meticulous in his work.

Super glad I found this practice. A modern holistic approach, the office is run extremely well, and the dental staff is good at what they do. Had a surgical procedure with Dr Mishler, and he was excellent. I’m 42 years old… and I’d say this is my favorite dentist I have ever been to. I’ll be back, though hopefully not too often, lol.

The best, most thorough dental visit of my 60 years! I drove over 500 miles to see Dr. Michelle Jorgensen. In a few weeks my treatment will begin and I can't wait to see the effects on my overall health. Thank you!

Michelle Jorgensen is extremely smart. If you are dealing with some sort of dental issue or health condition, make an appointment! She can help you. Highly recommended!

I had a seizure and became totally disabled in May of 2019. After several ER visits, no one could diagnose my condition. I went Dr after Dr, and I couldn’t find any help. They kept telling me it was all in my head. I started coming to Total Care Dental for general dental work. The seizures continued and got worse. They were lasting up to 3-4 hours. ER wanted me to go to the psychologist. I kept looking for natural things and going to more and more doctors. After talking to Dr. Jorgensen, I found hope. She suggested I see Dr. Preble. I knew it was expensive and we had already spent thousands of dollars, but I knew it would be worth it. Dr. Preble put me on a program, and I noticed after a few adjustments my airway opened. With each adjustment with my Sacral Cranial Dr, I noticed I could breathe better, and my back is staying in place better. I can now walk and do 10 minutes on the treadmill. I am so appreciative of Dr. Preble and how much he has helped me.

I came in and saw Dr. Preble because I had bone loss, pain in my jaw, and sleep apnea. I had the laser treatment called night laze last year and this spring Dr. Preble made me a neuromuscular appliance. I am breathing better, sleeping better and for the first time in a long time, I am dreaming again. My jaw is feeling so much better. I am very grateful to Dr. Preble for the help he has given me.

Just wanted to give a 5 star rating to your team (TCD) and particularly Dr. Chris Bates.


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