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Safe Mercury Amalgam Filling Removal

Keeping you safe is a priority at Total Care Dental & Wellness. We don’t use any kind of mercury fillings and employ special procedures during mercury amalgam filling removal, so you can trust that your health always comes first.

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Mercury Safe Filling Removal That Ensures Your Protection

Our team always uses protective clothing when removing mercury fillings but we go further by providing special tools like rubber dams and vacuums that capture harmful particles and vapors in the air.

For extra protection against dangerous vapors, patients receive clean oxygen too.

To reduce mercury release during filing removal, cool water is utilized as well as cutting it into chunks before drilling. The whole area is then rinsed with chlorella or charcoal slurry to remove any residue – all for your health and safety!

Schedule an exam today to start the process of your safe mercury filling removal!

Safe Mercury Removal
Mercury Fillings

The Dangers of Mercury Filling Removal

Silver fillings may look silver in color, but they are actually composed of 50% mercury. This is a dangerous metal that can cause permanent neurological damage and harm your brain and nervous system.

The typical approach to mercury amalgam filling removal can cause you and the dental cause both patients and the dental team to inhale or ingest large amounts of mercury particles or mercury gas – which is why we employ special protocols to greatly reduce exposure and ensure nobody’s safety is ever compromised.

The Risk of Leaving Mercury Amalgam Fillings In Your Teeth

Mercury amalgam fillings don’t bond to the tooth, leading to leakage and bacterial seepage over time. This may cause problems beneath the fillings such as decay.

At Total Care Dental, we use fillings that look just like your natural teeth and chemically bond to the tooth structure to guard against decay.

We remove the old mercury amalgam fillings as safely as possible, and replace the fillings with natural-looking, healthier alternatives!

Amalgam filling replacement

Schedule Your New Patient Exam and Get Started on Mercury Filling Removal

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“The doctors at Total Care Dental – along with their AMAZING staff – make a visit to the dentist something you never dread!  The doctors explain everything going on inside your mouth, and how dental health affects your health overall! Michelle and her staff have created the BEST dental experience our family has ever had or seen anywhere – thank you TCD!”

Karen – Patient at Total Care Dental

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