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Our team of trusted natural and biological dentists treats your dental health AND your whole body health.

holistic dentists in utah county

Holistic Dentistry & Wellness With Your Whole Body in Mind

Find Out How Total Care Dental & Wellness is a Different Kind of Dentist Office. Our Unique Approach to Dentistry & Biomimetic Dentistry Can Transform Your Health – Watch This Video Below


Tap Into the Expertise and Experience of the Leading Doctors in Their Field

Receive personalized solutions to your dental care from the Total Care Dental Team and put yourself back in control of your own health today.

Your personalized dental, nutrition & wellness treatment plan from Total Care Dental & Wellness provides answers for your journey to well-being and prioritizes your whole body health. Get started now!

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A Comprehensive Approach To Dental Care With Your Whole Body in Mind

Put an end to long-term dental and oral health problems by seeking out fixing the underlying causes.

At Total Care Dental & Wellness, we take a root-cause approach that corrects the source of the problem, not just put on a temporary band-aid!

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Get Complete, Integrated Holistic Dental Care & Biomimetic Dentistry Under One Roof

Forget long waits for insight into your health.

At your initial appointment our Doctors and Care Coordinators complete your exams and tests, review them with you, and help you work out the next steps without delay.

All dental and wellness treatments can be completed in our office, including:

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What We Do...

Holistic dentistry

We take a whole-body, root-cause approach that will solve and correct issues—not just give you a temporary band-aid.

Find your answers to your health problems, because often, “a healthy body starts with a healthy mouth.”

cosmetic dentistry total care dental

Get the natural-looking, beautiful, HEALTHY smile you have always dreamed of. 

The cosmetic dentists at Total Care Dental can help you create or recreate a beautiful and healthy smile in the healthiest way possible!

Pediatric Dentistry at Total Care Dental

Ensure your children get the best and healthiest dental treatments with pediatric services from Total Care Dental.

Free from fluoride and metal-free, so your kids can get the best start in life when it comes to their teeth!

health based oral surgery at Total Care Dental

With Total Care Dental’s health-based approach to dental surgery, you get the perfect balance between quick healing and amazing outcomes.

All done with the most biocompatible materials available today!

TMJ Treatment 2

Our specialized approach at Total Care Dental focuses on uncovering the root causes of jaw pain, addressing the issue at its core. Say farewell to these temporary fixes – we offer complete care with permanent solutions to improve your jaw and overall health.

TMJ Treatment at Total Care Dental

Stop suffering in silence – Total Care Dental can help you get rid of the root cause of your sleep apnea and airway issues.

Say goodbye to fatigue – it’s time to get your life back!

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What Our Patients Are Saying

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Karen - Holistic Dentist Patient in utah

The doctors at Total Care Dental - along with their AMAZING staff - make a visit to the dentist something you never dread! There is laughter always in the air, hot blankets if you are cold, detailed cleaning, and incredible attention to you as a patient. The doctors explain everything going on inside your mouth, and how dental health affects your health overall! Michelle and her staff have created the BEST dental experience our family has ever had or seen anywhere - thank you TCD!

Erica - Holistic Dentist Patient in Utah Review

As a holistic practitioner it was important to me to find a dentist/dental practice that would be supportive of not just my goals for teeth health but for overall health. I’ve been to many dentists over the years and Total Care Dental outperforms every one of them. They take a complete healthcare approach, are sensitive to individual needs, knowledgeable and take time to make sure no unnecessary procedures are a part of care and that the experience is as positive and patient-centric as possible. I recommend them to family, friends, and clients now and love the service and support I know I have received and that they can count on as well.

Susan- Holistic Dentist Patient in Utah Review

Best dental visit I've ever had! The whole staff was so friendly and I felt they all genuinely cared about my well being. Michelle Jorgensen is such a wonderful dentist and an incredible person. I love all of her knowledge and wisdom that she shares. Wendy gave me the best cleaning I ever had and Alyssa and Margot were so great to talk to. Thanks for making my visit so great and being the wonderful people that you are! See you all again soon!

Katie - Holistic Dentist patient in utah

I wish I found Total Care Dental 10 years ago. They were amazing. For the first time ever I left the dentist with warm and fuzzy feelings, which hasn’t been my experience with other dental offices in the past. Our dental hygienist was so very knowledgeable and sweet with my little girl. We also got to meet the pediatric dentist Dr. Jones. She was very knowledgeable, helpful and understanding. My experience was everything I hoped it would be and more. I will be telling everyone I know to go to their office.

Terri - Holistic Dentist Patient in Utah Review

I found my dental care from Total Care Dental to be top notch. The staff made every effort to assure my comfort, from a warm blanket to the freshly warmed and wet washcloth to wash my lip area off after the procedure. The mints and lip balm was a pleasant surprise and really helped. The dental procedure was delivered with no pain, not even during the injection. Care was taken to go slowly and I never had a sense of anything being rushed. I appreciate the passion and dedication that Dr. Jorgensen and her colleagues and staff demonstrate in their practice. Their entire focus is offering dental health that will support the person's whole body. They believe that the health of our body begins in the mouth, and they train, practice and teach their clients how to achieve this.

Paul - Holistic Dentist Patient in Utah Review

I have been to many dentists throughout my life and I have to say that Total Care Dental is the most professional, most effective and most friendly medical office I have ever been to. It takes about 40 minutes for me to get there, but they are worth the extra travel time. They really are the best.

Geni - Holistic Dentist Patient in Utah Review

I would highly recommend this place! It was my husband’s and I first time here, and we were just taken care of! I couldn't have come to the right place. We just felt true Love and care! The staff really cares about your well being, and they truly want to do what is best for you. You can feel that I had a root canal that was infected And Dr. Mishler just took great care of me and saved my upper tooth and took care of my bottom tooth. Just by looking at his whole demeanor, I could tell he wanted what was best for me and wanted to help me. He even called to see how I was doing what a Dentist does that. I can’t even say words to describe how blessed I feel for going to this place. You will not be disappointed they are the best!

alicia - Holistic Dentist Patient in Utah Review

Loved my entire experience. Warmly greeted, pleasant office staff. I was given the grand tour and introduced to staff members, and the best part - you can have a dairy free, gluten free cookie and a smoothie - the cookie was delicious. Not to worry, there are new toothbrushes and earth paste in the restroom to clean up for an exam if needed. Going through the new patient consultation was informative and every question I had was answered. I would recommend Total Care Dental to anyone looking for holistic dentistry.

andrew - Holistic Dentist Patient in Utah Review

Excellent! Amazing! Wonderful! Best office visit I've ever experienced!! The most accommodating excited friendly people I've ever experienced. The dentist was by far the most knowledgeable trustworthy dentist I've ever experienced! The office is beautiful, comfortable and clean! I can wait to take my whole family to get their much needed dental visits now that I found the dentist of my dreams! It's nice to not be taken advantage of and pushed to have unnecessary toxic treatments. I don't have to be on the defense anymore. They were very understanding and happy to answer all my questions.

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