A Healthy Body Starts
With a Healthy Mouth!

A Healthy Body Starts
With a Healthy Mouth

"It's Time To Restore Your
Health and Energy"

Dr. Michelle Jorgensen

Health-Based Holistic Dentistry
With Your Whole-Body In Mind


Dental care focused on restoring health and not just about "fixing teeth".

Watch this video to learn about Total Care Dental’s health-based and holistic approach to dentistry


Whole-Body Health Through Modern Dentistry

We provide state-of-the-art, comprehensive dental care to address whole-body concerns.

Holistic Dentistry

Health-Based Holistic Dentistry

People often wonder, “What is Holistic Dentistry?”

Your teeth are connected to the rest of your body and we work to ensure both are healthy.

Health-Based Holistic dentistry focuses on restoring health—not just fixing teeth. This includes using safe materials, advanced techniques, and nutritional guidance to give you the best dental and overall health.

Click below to learn more about Holistic Dentistry.

Natural Cosmetic Dentistry

Natural Cosmetic Dentistry

Getting a spectacular smile shouldn’t require damaging your teeth or harming your body.

It’s possible to have a spectacular smile without compromising your health!

With our Natural Cosmetic Dentistry Treatments, you can get the smile of your dreams in a safe and healthy way.

Click below to learn more about how getting your perfect smile is easier than you might think with Natural Cosmetic Dentistry.

Sleep Apnea

Sleep Apnea Treatments

Sleep issues are one of the leading causes of health problems today…

Heart disease, stroke and auto-immune problems are all impacted by the quality of our sleep.

Not only do we screen for sleep and airway problems, we work to treat the underlying issues.

Hate your CPAP?  Having problems with your Snore Guard?  We have answers.

Click below to learn more about Healthy Sleep Apnea Treatments.

"This is the first dental office where I was met with compassion, a listening ear, and high dental skill sets.

My body and mouth have diverse issues that most doctors will not understand or respond to. These Doctors have lived through many of them and have the knowledge to start the healing process.
Thank you Total Care Dental . . . I now have Dentists that I can trust."

- Dana

New Patient Dental & Wellness Exam

Total Care Dental and Wellness is different from any other office you've ever experienced. We provide...

New Patient 40-Point Dental & Wellness Exam

There is nothing more frustrating than knowing you have something wrong and getting a short, once over, “you’re fine” kind of exam.

At Total Care Dental & Wellness, we leave no stone unturned so you can finally get the answer you’ve been looking for. 

Our New Patient Dental and Wellness Exam includes:

Non-Invasive CT scan, oral x-rays and photos, blood pressure, comprehensive gum exam, 40-point intraoral exam, health-based screenings and so much more! 

We are your partners in your dental and overall health.

Click here to schedule your 40-point Dental Physical exam now!

Consultation to Answers at the First Visit

No more waiting weeks or months to get test results and answers to your dental and health questions.

Our Doctors and Care Coordinators complete your exam and tests, then walk you through the findings and help you schedule your next steps, right there at your first appointment. 

Click here to schedule your New Patient Exam now.

Specialists for Dental, Nutrition and Wellness Needs

With our team of specialists that are leaders in their fields, you will be able to get the best in holistic dental care under one roof. 

We will help you return to dental and overall health without traveling all over to find answers.

Click here to learn more about what our patients love about Total Care Dental and Wellness.

Personalized Treatment Plans With Customized Financial Options

You will be assigned your own Care Coordinator. 

They will guide you through your treatment with our team of specialists, any needed supplements and testing, and help you reach your wellness goals.

Learn more about the Total Care difference and why people from all over the world choose Total Care Dental and Wellness for their Health-Based Holistic Dental needs.

Schedule Your New Patient Dental and Wellness Exam

You're Going to Love Your New, Healthy Lifestyle

whole body health and wellness

Whole Body Health and Wellness

Along with improving your dental health, the doctors and team at Total Care Dental and Wellness are committed to helping you with your overall health. 

You can’t have a healthy mouth without a healthy body.

Make sure to check out our helpful information on Natural Health remedies for everything from the common cold to more serious auto-immune problems.

Click here for downloadable guides and information that you can use to keep your entire family healthy.

Living Well
Lifestyle Tips

Check out Living Well with Dr. Michelle. New information will be posted weekly and will include informational videos, projects, guides and lots of great stories.

Information will ranging from gardening anywhere, to making your own hypoallergenic self care products. There will be hands-on instruction for topics like making natural probiotic foods for gut health and preserving your own food.

The latest scientific research will be combined with ancient knowledge that has been preserved through generations, all to help you LIVE WELL.

Recipes and healthy nutrition

Recipes and
Healthy Nutrition

You’ve probably heard the saying, “You are what you eat.” Well, it’s literally true! The food you eat is what your body uses to rebuild cells.

If you eat junk, you will be built out of junk!

Learn how to shop for, cook and eat Real Food.

It doesn’t have to be difficult, take all day or cost a fortune. And healthy food is delicious food.

If you are a beginner or experienced healthly eater, you will find recipes you will love and nutrition information you need to know.

Your Health Is Our Top Priority
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What Our Patients Are Saying

Jasen R.
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Amazing team at Total Care Dental
Fantastic experience with the team at Total Care Dental. The staff takes the time to get to know you & your health care needs. They use exceptional products, equipment and procedures to ensure you get the best care possible. I can’t say enough positive things about the doctors and staff. Thank You Total Care Dental & WellNess, you exceeded my expectations.
Angie K
Read More
Office staff and Doctors
The care and professionalism at Total Care Dental is the very best. They genuinely care for there patients. Not only there dental care but there overall wellness . I am so happy with the care I received👍
Phil N.
Read More
A 10 star dental office!! 🤗
I cracked a molar eating lunch today and Dr. Larsen and his awesome assistant Stacy got me squeezed into their schedule and fixed up before dinner!! If I could give 10 stars for my visit today, I would. Dr. Larsen, thank you for sharing your love of dentistry with a patient in need!!
Laura C.
Read More
No Pain and Very Professional
I had work done by Dr Montes and thought he was the best! No pain, good personality and he alway explained what he was doing so I knew what to expect. I felt like a VIP. Great place to go!
Shawnessy V.
Read More
Worth the Travel
Advanced knowledge and equipment. Wonderful staff! I travel 4 hrs to receive the best care in the state. Thank you Total Care!
Julie M.
Read More
It's the "Spa" of dentistry!
I'm always greeted with a smile. The staff are so very friendly and knowledgeable. I absolutely love going to the dentist!
Wendy L.
Read More
Total Care
The very best in all of utah !!!
Jennifer M.
Read More
More than just about teeth!
Dr Jorgensen and her staff are way ahead of anything I have ever experienced in any dental office. They truly care about the whole person! I have never seen such advanced diagnostic equipment and expertise. She has a great team and her pre op and post op protocol is designed to help you have the best outcome possible. I feel very blessed to have found her!
Tracy H.
Read More
Truly the best care from the most caring cheerful people possible.
As soon as I walk in I hear laughter. It sets the tone for the whole experience. The receptionist is alway caring and friendly. They take time to get to know you and gear their dental work for your specific needs. I really love the holistic approach they have and their great work ethic. I would recommend them anytime to anyone.

Total Care Dental and Wellness Has Been Featured On:

Total Care Dental Featured on Good Things Utah
Total Care Dental featured on Green Smoothie Girl
Total Care Dental featured in the Daily Herald
Total Care Dental featured on Channel 4 News

Healthy Mouth, Healthy You!’ Is especially for you if:

  • You want All-Natural Solutions to improving your smile.
  • You believe in holistic nutrition but are curious what it has to do with teeth?
  • You know about holistic health but want to learn more.
  • You suffer from symptoms or diseases and haven’t discovered the root cause.
  • You want your children to grow up with a safe and positive dental experience.
  • You are a dentist looking for more holistic methods (You Didn’t Learn In School).
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