What to Expect at a Dental and Wellness Exam

Any time you visit a health professional for the first time you’re bound to have a few questions…

….and that’s why we made this the focus of this chapter: What to Expect at a Holistic Dental Exam with Total Care Dental.

1. First, schedule your new patient appointment consultation with Total Care Dental.

2. Why do we call it an “experience”? Because it’s unlike anything you’ve experienced in healthcare before, and you’re going to love it!

Your initial appointment is called the “Total Care Dental & Wellness Physical” where you will have dental and whole-body health testing completed by one of our highly trained Care Coordinators.

Come prepared to not only tell us about your dental health but also your physical health!

3. Upon arrival at the office you will be greeted by your Care Coordinator. This Care Coordinator is fully prepared to make everything from the first appointment to your care visits go smoothly.

You will meet with her for 1 hour to complete all the testing in preparation for your personal virtual consultation.

These tests include:

  • A Specialized Cone Beam CT Scan
  • Dental X-rays (Called Bite Wings)
  • Adrenal Testing
  • Sleep, jaw, bite, and possible headache symptom recording
  • Heart Rate Variability testing
  • Stomach Acid and PH Balance Testing
  • Photographs

4 – After the tests are completed, all of the gathered test results will be sent to your diagnosing doctor to compile a Report of Findings, a Dental and Overall Health Benefits list, an Estimate of cost, and a plan for your Care.

5 – The doctor will make a personal video for you, sent directly to your own home through email.  This is your Personal Virtual Consultation.  You can watch it as many times as you need, can show it to others, and can digest it on your own time and in a low-stress environment.

This will not be a  “one-size-fits-all” treatment plan.…

…this will be a personal presentation in plain English (no medical jargon) of the full state of your teeth, mouth,  jaws, and general health.

During  this video and  report of findings, you will know:

  • What teeth, gum, or jaw problems exist or are developing
  • What the health ramifications are of not going through treatment
  • What the appearance ramifications are of not going through with treatment
  • If dental treatment is needed now or later
  • Which type of dental treatments are needed specifically for you
  • What the estimated treatment program will cost
  • The exact results we are looking to achieve

6- After viewing your video, you will be scheduled for a one hour, one-on-one meeting with the Diagnosing Doctor called your Roadmap Appointment.   This is the time to bring your spouse or significant other – the one that helps you make health decisions.

The doctor will take the time to answer all of your questions and concerns.  There are no dumb or embarrassing questions. Of the countless patients who have visited our office for a wellness consultation, every one of them had questions!

We do not want you just nodding, then later wondering, “what did they mean by that?” or saying “I wish I’d asked about …”

This is not one of those “I’m the doctor—trust me—just do what I say because I said so” offices.

Most questions will have been answered by the doctor’s report of findings, but it’s a lot to take in…

…so, any and all questions you have should be asked and answered at your consultation.

Our goal is not just a healthy, attractive smile but also your anxiety-free comfort from start to finish.

7- We will explain the costs of the prescribed treatment program and discuss payment and treatment arrangements.

In total, you should allow about two hours for this follow-up Roadmap Appointment with the doctor and your Care Coordinator.


More Than Just a Dental Exam, Your Total Care Dental Physical Includes

  • A Cone Beam CT Scan to identify problems related to old root canals, extraction sites, or failed tooth fillings.
  • An adrenal test, pH test, Heart Rate Variability test, blood pressure, microscope bacterial analysis, and a 40-point intraoral exam. (We make sure there is no stone uncovered when it comes to your health)
  • Screenings for problems related to infection, toxic metals, airway problems, or sleep issues.