The Complete Guide to Natural Cosmetic Dentistry

The perfect guide to help patients make confident and correct decisions about their smile—without compromising their health.

Find answers to all your questions about cosmetic dentistry and learn how you can make the best decisions (without making unintentional mistakes or compromising your health).

Why Read This Guide About Cosmetic Dentistry?

You have probably seen *this* kind of show on TV before……

A person goes into a dental office with teeth that are hard to look at and by the next commercial break they have a perfect Hollywood smile.

After watching one of these, certain questions probably come up for you, like:

Does it really work like that?

Is a “Smile Makeover” something that’s healthy for your teeth?

How long does it last?

…and the biggest question—what does it cost?

If you’ve been considering having cosmetic dentistry work completed on yourself or a loved one, then getting these questions answered is so important…

…and that’s why we wrote this guide!

In this Complete Guide to Natural Cosmetic Dentistry we will…

  • Answer the most frequently asked questions about cosmetic dentistry
  • Discuss the different cosmetic procedures currently available (and which ones we recommend)
  • Go over what you should expect to pay depending on your situation

…and finally, we will  help you understand what the next best steps are to get started.

About The Complete Guide to Natural Cosmetic Dentistry

Getting cosmetic dentistry shouldn’t have to be scary or intimidating. You also don’t need to have a dental degree to understand how it works, or need to be rich to afford a cosmetic procedure. The Complete Guide to Natural Cosmetic Dentistry  will answer every question  in plain English (no medical jargon, we promise). After finishing this guide, you’ll be able to ask smart questions, be informed, and…

…correctly and confidently make good choices about your smile.

What You’ll Learn

In each chapter, we’ll cover the key aspects of what we believe one should know about natural cosmetic dentistry and health, including…

Is Cosmetic Dentistry Safe For Your Teeth?

We’ll outline the problems that come from the “old way” of doing cosmetic dentistry, and how natural cosmetic dentistry can give you a perfect smile WITHOUT compromising your teeth or your health.

What Are Veneers?:

Most have heard of dental veneers but may not realize that there are several different types.  We’ll describe the key distinctions  between the different types of veneers, then help you identify which one would be best for you.

How Long Does Cosmetic Dentistry Take?:

We’ll discuss the time needed to get your perfect smile and how many appointments will be required. (It’s probably less than you think!)

How Much Does Cosmetic Dentistry Cost?:

We help you calculate (from home)  the cost of cosmetic dentistry treatment—we think you’ll be pleasantly surprised at what you find!

We’ve organized The Complete Guide to Natural Cosmetic Dentistry in a linear way, with a logical flow. Though you can jump around, it usually makes the most sense to read the chapters in order.

You may have heard that cosmetic dentistry is bad for your teeth… (and in some cases, you may have heard right).  This is how natural cosmetic dentistry is different . . . learn how you can now get a perfect smile without damaging your teeth or comprising your health.

Are veneers a one-size-fits-all solution?

When it comes to dental veneers, you have many options. Read this chapter to learn the different types of dental veneers available, and discover which may be the best for you.

Let’s get to the bottom line — what’s the  cost?

In this chapter we’ll give you an idea of what to expect when it comes to cosmetic dentistry AND how you can find out an accurate cost estimate to get your perfect smile.

Thinking about getting started with cosmetic dentistry? In this chapter we walk you through how you can get started, and what to expect so you can have an anxiety-free experience from start to finish.