Rhubarb Sweet Rolls

Have you ever heard of Rhubarb Sweet Rolls?? Well they are delicious!

Sunday we had a meal full of delicous baked foods! It was amazing, and my whole family cooked it together!

We tried a new recipe I got from a book I am reading for mouth-watering focaccia bread! Then we had a delicious egg, rice, and spinach quiche! My family was loving the meal, and I kept hearing exclamations like “yum!”.

Then my oldest son (he always eats the fastest) decided that he was already wanting dessert.

He walked into the kitchen to find the Rhubarb Sweet Rolls we had made.

I remember thinking back to that morning. I had made lots of dough the night before for cinnamon rolls. Then in the morning I thought about the “What’s On Your Table Challenge“, and I realized I could use the rhubarb growing in my yard. I love desserts with rhubarb!!

I thought, “How about rhubarb sweet rolls?” So, I looked it up, and there were tons of recipes! I found one that I liked, and I gave it to my son and his wife. 

They adapted it to make it work with the sourdough and ingredients that we had. They baked the rolls, and they looked pretty good!

I was wondering how the sweet rolls would taste!

My son dished himself one and took a bite. He then immediately counted how many rolls there were, and looked over to the table and asked how many he could have.

Needless to say he loved them! And the rest of my family did as well! We made a whole pan full, and they were gone within an hour

Now I am giving that recipe to you! 

You should know some things about the recipe first though! 

The dough is my tried and true multi-purpose dough that you can find in my bread eBook

Using a kitchen scale (grams) assures that the ratios in the dough are correct. Using dry measuring devices like cups to measure flour can yield slightly different results because the volume can measure differently depended on if its sifted or settled. So, we use grams for the dough so it stays the same! 

This is my favorite multi-purpose dough! It can be used SO many things! In this recipe it is used for Rhubarb rolls, but it can also be used for cinnamon rolls, breads, naan, and more!

If you want to learn more, you should get my popular bread making eBook and video course!

These rolls are simple, good for digestion (sourdough), and delicious! I can’t wait to hear how you like them!!

Happy Baking!

Dr. Michelle Jorgensen

Living Well with Dr. Michelle


I’m Dr. Michelle Jorgensen, I love eating food, and I live to share healthy recipes with YOU! I am not going to give you any recipes that don’t taste amazing and make your body feel great! 

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