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What’s On Your Table Now??

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By Dr. Michelle Jorgensen

What’s on your table now??

I have had this question in my head all weekend because I started reading my favorite book AGAIN this weekend!

Usually I am an avid reader but not an avid re-reader.

However, this book is the exception. 

It’s called “Animal, Vegetable, Miracle” by Barbara Kingsolver, and it speaks my language.

The book focuses on 

  • Using local sources to get food for your family and
  • How to cook and eat locally and seasonally  

The Coronavirus has pushed us right smack dab into the immediate need for this!

We have lived through a real-life global supply and demand crisis because of the shaky existing global supply chain.   

A quarantine in China quickly turned into empty shelves throughout the US.  

Now we are left with an injured economy and an equally injured confidence in being able to take care of the needs of our families. 

We can do something about both!

"What's On Your Table Now" Initiative

I am launching a “What’s On Your Table Now?” initiative and challenge!

What is this initiative?

I am challenging us all to get everything we need to feed our families from local sources within 100 miles of where we live. 

Why is this so important right now?

First, this supports and strengthens our LOCAL economy – our neighbors and friends!

Second, this way of eating will improve our health, improve our IMMUNE RESISTANCE, and is delicious and low-cost.

Through Living Well with Dr. Michelle, I will 

  1. Help you know what is available in your local area
  2. Help you find the sources (and even get you deals if I can!)
  3. Teach you to cook and feed your family incredible, healthy, immune building meals and snacks

What Is the Challenge?

My family and I  are going to commit to 1 YEAR of sourcing all of our food locally, and I challenge you to do the same! 

I’ll send you the rules and how this went over with my family (mixed reviews!). 

Will you be one of the Living Well LOCAL Food Ambassadors? 

Food is unique to your area, and I will need help knowing what is ON YOUR TABLE NOW to teach you how to buy and eat locally.

I’m excited and hope you will join me!

Watch for sign up information soon.

Table of Contents

With love,

Dr. Michelle Jorgensen

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