Dolmathes with Avgolemono

Last week my family had an amazing family dinner with some traditional Greek/Mediterranean foods! Check out my blog “Normal is Boring” to read more about the meal and to see the other recipes!

Now you may never have heard of Dolmathes. They are basically little wraps filled with a tasty mixture of beef and rice. The wrap is made of grape leaves which is kind of fun! To top it off, you can cover them in a traditional Avgolemono (lemon and egg)  sauce or dip them in it! 

They have a wonderful fresh taste! My family loves eating them! 

Grape leaves aren’t something we usually cook with, but they are a handy  little wrap for yummy fillings.  We used our fresh grape leaves off my vines, but you can also buy them canned and ready to fill.  Get the ingredients together, have the kids fill and roll, and make it a fun activity as you experiment with these new foods! 

In my family we love trying new foods with unique ingredients! 

And the best part is that some of these “experiments” have become family favorites that we make all the time now! 

Enjoy these Dolmathes and check out this post to see what else we ate that night.


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