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Sourdough Starter Basic Care

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Why Sourdough??

Caring for a sourdough starter can be one of the most difficult or intimidating things for anyone starting to bake sourdough bread.

That’s why I’ve prepared a guide to help anyone just starting this journey!

But let me back up a second…

Why would anyone be interested in sourdough baking in the first place? It can take time and is sometimes difficult to master…

I’ll tell you some of the reasons I really like sourdough and why I use it almost every day.

Using sourdough is really just using natural yeasts, and using natural yeasts is the natural way to make bread.

It is the process that many cultures have used for generations. But why is it called sourdough?

Well, when natural yeasts are fermented in flour and water, they break the sugars down and produce acids. These acids lead to a “sour” taste and smell, hence the name “Sourdough”.

This process of breaking down the sugars both increases nutrients and makes the gluten more digestible.

The fermentation process that occurs when sourdough is used leads to some of the gluten being predigested, and it can make bread or other goods more easily digested.

I have long struggled with gut issues, but sourdough always leaves me feeling great!

This is why making sourdough bread really is an excellent choice for everyone.

My goal is to help everyone live well, and this is the type of content I am starting to create weekly. Learn more about my plans for the future here.

Sourdough Made Easy!

Now you know why I prefer sourdough bread, so let’s get to how you can start making it today.

Because this topic has been extremely popular the last few months, I have made some wonderful resources you can use.

The first is a FREE Sourdough Starter Basic Guide!

Click below to claim it.

In it I go over how to start, maintain, and use a sourdough starter.

You will come to learn that it really is more of an art than a science, and that you too can master this art.

And if you really want to get into making sourdough bread, I have an entire eBook and Video Course that will walk you through every step and provide you with several delicious recipes I use several times a week.

Click below to learn more and claim these great resources!

I hope these resources will help you on your sourdough baking journey!

This is the type of content you should expect weekly from me at Living Well with Dr. Michelle.

My new website will be live in just a few days, and I can’t wait to help you live well!

Table of Contents

Happy Baking,

-Dr. Michelle

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