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I was so excited to talk with Just Ingredients founder, Karalynne Call on her new Podcast “Just Ingredients” this week!

She is a leader in helping all of us know what ingredients REALLY are in the things we eat, put on our bodies, and surround ourselves with. 

We talked about all kinds of things related to health-based dentistry, but two really clicked during the episode.  

  1. The ingredients in the fillings and other dental materials commonly used, and
  2. The ingredients in mouth care products.

As you may know, I got sick from one of the ingredients in “silver fillings”. 

Those fillings are 50% mercury, and drilling them out and breathing them in every day led to numbness, memory problems, and digestive issues for ME

It has been a long, slow road back to health, and I don’t want anyone to have to follow that same pathway. 

That is why I wrote the Healthy Mouth, Healthy YOU book and created a Masterclass to teach about the connection between dental and overall health. 

Check those out below!

Mouth care products are another sneaky place toxins can hide.

I want to share what is really in that toothpaste you are brushing, absorbing, and yes…swallowing every time you brush. 

Make sure to catch the episode with Just Ingredients where we chat about this! 

Toothpast Ingredients

What toothpaste should you use?

This one is a loaded topic. I’m sure you’ve heard that nine out of ten dentists recommend you use (insert brand that spends the most for advertising here) toothpaste.

Remember, a large percentage of dentists have education limited to dental school training, which is not holistic in any way.

We are taught to repair damaged teeth, and few of the treatments taught are “natural” or focused on being body-friendly.

Well, I’m the one out of ten dentists that doesn’t recommend you use any of the big brand tooth care products!

In fact, there are few I do recommend, and here’s why.

Do you know what those commercial toothpastes have in them? 2

  • Propylene Glycol: Used in antifreeze
  • Triclosan: An antibacterial agent that affects your good bacteria and hormones
  • Artificial colors: Potential allergen
  • Fluoride: Evidence of neurotoxicity (Read more here)
  • Ethanol: Alcohol that dries your mouth and may cause oral cancer 
  • Artificial sweeteners: Cause GI problems
  • Detergents (like sodium laurel sulfate): Cause gums to bleed and become “leaky”
  • Trisodium Phosphate: a commercial cleaner that is extremely alkaline
  • Glycerine: Coats the enamel so teeth can’t remineralize
  • Carbomer: Very acidic thickener

If you’ve ever watched children brush their teeth, you know they swallow more toothpaste than they spit out…

You do too.

I don’t want my family or me swallowing any of these things!

Another problem is that the detergent in the toothpaste makes it foam. That foam quickly fills your mouth and you have to spit.

Some think that spitting means they are done brushing.

More foam = less brushing.

So what should you use instead? 

I’ve searched far and wide to find a toothpaste that is easy to purchase, tastes decent, and actually has some beneficial ingredients.

I’ve found one that almost fits the bill, plus I’ve come up with a recipe for homemade toothpaste that completely does.

My Recommendations


Earthpastefrom Redmond Clay Company, is my current winner in the toothpaste category.

My kids will even use it, despite it being brown.

My homemade paste uses almost the same ingredients, with a few small changes.

The base is Calcium Bentonite Clay Powder. The benefits of this clay have been known for centuries–it is only recently that we’ve forgotten these important things. Clay can absorb and remove toxins and remineralize and polish teeth, all things we are looking for!

So check out Earthpaste here, or get my full homemade toothpaste recipe here!

Let’s get healthy together!

Dr. Michelle Jorgensen

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Table of Contents

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