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Remineralize Your Teeth

I’m Dr. Michelle Jorgensen from Total Care Dental and Wellness, and today I want to talk to you about remineralizing or “regrowing” your teeth.

I’ve even prepared a FREE guide for you, but I’ll get to that in a minute. 

Now, this topic is a huge controversy in dentistry because most dentists think that regrowing teeth is impossible.

Well, they’re not entirely right and they’re not entirely wrong. 

Let me explain—The first thing you need to know is how cavities are formed.

I teach this concept in-depth in another post, but here I will summarize the main points.

I’ll be talking about a few layers of your teeth, so here is a picture to help you understand what I’m explaining.


The beginnings of a cavity form when the tooth begins losing minerals.

This can occur either because your body is mineral deficient elsewhere and is pulling those minerals from your teeth, or because bacteria in your mouth get fed sugar.

As the bacteria eat the sugar, they actually create acid, and that acid hits the tooth and dissolves the enamel or the minerals in that enamel.

This is called demineralization and is how cavities form.

If the decay has only affected the enamel outer covering of the tooth, it can certainly be remineralized or “regrown”.

I’ll get to how to do that in just a second.

However, if left untreated, the cavity will continue to grow until it has affected deeper portions of the tooth such as the dentin and pulp.

At that point, greater damage than just demineralization has occurred, and you can no longer remineralize or “regrow that tooth”.

If you want to understand this idea better and know exactly how to tell what stage your tooth decay is in and how to treat it, check out this post

So, can any tooth be “regrown”?

The answer is no.

However, if you catch tooth decay early, it is certainly possible as long as the decay is only in the enamel.

And not only that, but the principles I am going to teach are also going to help you prevent any future tooth decay from occurring.


Remineralization occurs in two steps.

First, reduce the acid in your mouth to prevent additional mineral loss, and second, strengthen and provide minerals to “regrow” the tooth.

I’ve created a FREE download to clearly teach you the specific products and strategies you can use to provide the minerals needed to “regrow” your teeth! You can download that here.

But first, I’m going to explain how you can reduce the acid in your mouth.

Every time you eat, your mouth becomes more acidic. It’s the first step in the digestive process and necessary to help digest your food.

In a healthy mouth and body, saliva quickly clears the food and acid out and helps the mouth return to a neutral level.

In fact, saliva is a very important factor in remineralization as it is what carries the minerals back to your teeth. The saliva returns your mouth to a neutral level if given enough time, but this is where frequent snacking or sipping gets you in trouble.

If you are constantly eating or drinking things and making your mouth acidic without giving it a chance to become neutral again, your teeth will continue to decay.

So, what you need to do is wait at least a couple of hours between eating or drinking anything other than water or simple herbal tea.

Another way to reduce acid in your mouth is to stop putting it there.

In this post, I have a very comprehensive list of foods and drinks that are highly acidic and should be avoided.

However, a few worth mentioning are soda, sports drinks, alcoholic beverages, or fruit juice, and any sweeteners or condiments.

So, one important thing I tell people is to avoid sipping a soda or drink all day long as that will create a constant acidic environment in your mouth. 

Now, once you’ve reduced the acid in your mouth, you are ready to begin remineralizing your teeth. 

To do that, you can get minerals from your diet and from good supplements and dental products.

To see the foods and brands I recommend, download my FREE “Teeth Remineralization Guide”!

Here at Total Care Dental and Wellness, we teach all of our patients how to remineralize their teeth. We also diagnose and effectively treat those teeth that have had too much decay for remineralization.

Schedule your appointment now, and we’ll use the most advanced and natural methods to return your mouth to full health and help you create a happier and healthier life!

See you soon,

Dr. Michelle Jorgensen

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