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Hydroxyapatite: A Fluoride Alternative

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Have you ever heard of Hydoxyapetite??

I’m sure you answered no, and you certainly aren’t alone. So why should you care about it?

Well, I have good news!

New products containing hydroxyapatite are proving to be as effective as fluoride at remineralizing teeth.

This is good for several reasons, one being that as a dental office focused on your entire body’s health, we don’t endorse fluoride use.

That may sound strange if you have always thought that fluoride is the key to white teeth. However, excessive fluoride can lead to tooth brittleness, fluoridosis (stains on your teeth), and may even have neurotoxic effects

So how can hydroxyapatite help you??

Let’s back up a bit and look at teeth up close… really close.

Your Macroscopic Teeth

This is tooth enamel at a microscopic level. 

Each one of those honeycomb shapes is called an enamel rod. And guess what enamel rods are made out of….

Hydroxyapatite crystals!

Hydroxyapatite is made from calcium, phosphorus, and oxygen and has recently been studied in comparison to fluoride to see which compound makes enamel more resistant to cavities, erosion, and sensitivity.

A National Institute of Health study recently concluded that fluoride varnish and nano-hydroxyapatite serum were similar in performance against small cavities.  

Another study, performed in children, actually showed better results with hydroxyapatite toothpaste than fluoride toothpaste.

How You Can Use Hydroxyapatite

If you are interested in reaping the benefits of hydroxyapatite, here is a toothpaste option we are anxious to try: Bite Toothpaste

Can you tell we are excited about the new possibilities for enamel remineralization and tooth sensitivity treatment?!

That is because we want you to achieve the smile and look you dream of while still thinking about your whole-body health.

Learn more here.

Get to Know the Author

Dr. Lyndi Jones

Dr. Lyndi Jones is a graduate of Creighton University School of Dentistry. She is committed to continuing her dental education and attends conferences and seminars regularly.

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