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What is Nutrigenomics?

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By Dr. Michelle Jorgensen

with Josh Jorgensen-student in BioPhysics

What is Nutrigenomics?

That’s a great question that I think you are going to want to know the answer to!

Let me ask you some questions to help you understand:

  • Have you ever tried a diet recommended to you by a family member or friend who experienced great results, but the diet did little or nothing for you? 
  • Do you know someone who eats junk but still seems to be healthy and energetic
  • Or do you know somebody who eats exactly what you eat, and they either feel much better or worse than you do?

If you said yes to any of the above, you’re going to want to keep reading. 

These seeming contradictions can all be explained through a simple and emerging scientific field of study known as “Nutrigenomics”. 

So what is Nutrigenomics?

The underlying premise behind Nutrigenomics is that the influence of diet on health depends on an individual’s genetic makeup. 

So based on our genes, certain foods may be better for us than for other people. 

But how does this work? 

We all are born with DNA that cannot be changed. This is called our Genome.

However, we also have an Epigenome which is a network of chemical compounds that interacts with our genome and can literally “turn off” or “turn on” our DNA. 

Our epigenome is affected by our personal health choices like lifestyle, diet, and exercise.  This is how we can change what our DNA has given us.

Simply,  Nutrigenomics includes the study of how our diet causes changes in our epigenome and what that does to our body.

As an expert in this field, Dr. Mark Hyman says 

“The new science of nutrigenomics teaches us what specific foods tell your genes. What you eat directly determines the genetic messages your body receives. 

These messages, in turn, control all the molecules that constitute your metabolism: the molecules that tell your body to burn calories or store them. 

If you can learn the language of your genes and control the messages and instructions they give your body and your metabolism, you can radically alter how food interacts with your body, lose weight, and optimize your health.”

[Ultra-metabolism: the simple plan for automatic weight loss. New York: Atria Books; 2006. p. 24.]

Why Nutrigenomics Can Give You HOPE

I could keep going on and on about Nutrigenomics and the fascinating new research that is being done.

However, now that you know what nutrigenomics is, my goal is to help you realize that in today’s world we are surrounded by one size fits all diets or programs that promise a complete transformation for everyone that tries them. 

These diets and programs work for some people but don’t for others. 

This can lead to frustration, hopelessness and most often, lead you to just giving up.  

The problem is that many people have this idea that there exists one perfect lifestyle, diet, exercise plan, etc. for every person in the world.  This is simply not true… 

Don’t lose hope if you aren’t reaching your desired state of health and wellness.

Based on your specific genes, there are certain things you can do to help you reach your desired weight, feel energetic, and live a healthy and vibrant life. ,

What You Can Do:

1. Get a full wellness exam:  

This should be done by a practitioner that can focus on your entire body and look for underlying root causes of certain symptoms and illnesses.

At Total Care Dental and Wellness, we offer a full wellness exam that covers everything from CT Scans to a Ph test to a Heart Rate Variability Analysis.

We know that each person is different. We also work closely with an excellent network of health providers that can complete your testing and care.

A patient may come in complaining of headaches and chronic fatigue. We don’t jump to conclusions about the problem.

First, we look at all the different components that could be a factor in the symptoms,  and after doing several tests we start to recognize patterns like allergies, past health problems, toxins of heavy metal issues or diet concerns. 

This kind of exam can help you find a personalized health plan that will actually work for you.

2. Become your own doctor:

Now I’m not telling you to start writing your own prescriptions or anything of that sort!

In our modern culture, we have developed a habit of “WebMDing” our symptoms the moment we start to feel sick, or we have an injury.

Raise your hand if you’ve ever done this…my hand is also raised!  

I’m not saying that’s wrong, but I also know that our bodies are unique, and they are our best source of information. 

So what does “become your own doctor” mean? It means you can look for patterns in your health.

Perhaps you feel sick after eating a certain food, or you get exhausted after eating a lunch loaded with carbs. Maybe you sleep better if you don’t exercise a few hours before bedtime, or maybe you have more energy throughout the day if you exercise for a few minutes each morning. 

What I encourage you to do is to start working with your body. Try eliminating certain foods or changing lifestyle habits and find what works for you!

This will obviously take time, but I hope you start to use your body’s responses as the most accurate source of information in your personal health journey. 

Total Care Dental Can Help On Your Health Journey

I’m sure many of you may just want answers instantly!

You want there to be advice that works for everyone! 

Don’t worry, there are some things that are pretty much universal. One of those things is the problems that are lurking in your mouth…

As you may know, I’ve written a book about dentistry called Healthy Mouth, Healthy YOU! It teaches how your mouth health relates to your overall health and wellness.

In that book, I’ve included pages of basic information about diet and nutrition that everyone can follow. 

Try it out, then use your body to determine if it helps you.

To make this information more accessible I’ve created an online video course that will teach you the essential information from my book!

I have recorded over 45 minutes of nutrition information alone, with bonus videos showing you how to prepare certain foods.  

This is a must-have health resource! 

Sign up for my newsletter below where I’ll be sending out more information about this course in the next couple of weeks! 

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I hope you enjoyed this article! Go tell your family about this amazing new thing you’ve learned about called Nutrigenomics! Remember, I want you to be healthy and feel well, so let’s learn together!

With love,

Dr. Michelle Jorgensen

with Josh Jorgensen-student in BioPhysics

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Table of Contents


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