New Patient Dental & Wellness Exam

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How is Gum Disease Diagnosed and Treated?

The health of your gums and bone should be measured at every cleaning, or what we call at Total Care Dental your “wellness visit”. 

Your gums are measured to see how deep they are and how healthy they are. 

What Causes Gum Disease?

Learn more about the various causes of gingivitis and periodontitis including bacteria, nutrition, and more…

Gingivitis vs Periodontitis – The Mouth & Body Connection

80% of people have varying degrees of gum infection. This gum infection is usually talked about in two stages gingivitis and periodontitis, with periodontitis being the more serious condition.

Learn more about how your gum health can affect your overall health…

12 Days of Nutrition

Nutrition is extremely important to oral 🦷 and overall health 💪. On our social media platforms, we did 12 days of nutrition challenge. We hope these tips will help you protect the health of your teeth and body.

Fluoride and Overall Health

Is fluoride good for overall health? Should you avoid fluoridated water? Learn those answers and more in Dr. Michelle’s newest blog!

Fluoride and Dental Health

Is fluoride good for dental health? That is a question I am asked almost every day in my practice, and today I will be explaining the answer!

Remineralizing Smoothie

Learn more about remineralization and check out this remineralizing smoothie recipe that is my current go-to for dental and overall health!

Remineralize Your Teeth

I’m Dr. Michelle Jorgensen from Total Care Dental and Wellness, and today I want to teach you about remineralizing or “regrowing” your teeth.