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Do you have some questions about healthy dental products?

Don’t worry, I’ll get to that, but first, let’s talk about spring cleaning.

Every year when spring rolls around, I am so excited to get outside and clean up my garden, yard, and a cluttered closet or two. I also love opening up some windows to just let the spring air in.  

I think this is what Spring Cleaning means, and I think we all get a bit of this time of year.

This year, I hope you include your mouth in that spring cleaning!  

There have been scores of research articles linking overall health to mouth health.  

This one from the American Academy of Periodontology shows the connection between Covid 19 symptoms and outcome in those with gum disease.  

It’s a big deal!  

The article states, “Maintaining healthy teeth and gums in an effort to avoid developing or worsening periodontal disease is absolutely crucial in the midst of a global pandemic like COVID-19…

In the study, researchers compared COVID-19 patients in Qatar who had severe complications — including assisted ventilation, admission to intensive care, and death — and those without severe complications.

Of the 568 patients, those with periodontitis — the most severe form of gum disease — were at least three times more likely to have severe COVID‐19 complications.

The researchers also found that COVID-19 patients with periodontitis had increased levels of biomarkers (including white blood cell levels, D‐dimer, and C-reactive protein) associated with worse COVID-19 outcomes.”

This isn’t new, but both the dental profession and the public are just starting to realize just how impactful a healthy mouth can be on your overall health

How to "Spring Clean" Your Mouth

  1. Make sure you are up to date with your Complete Gum Exam and Tooth Cleaning. A complete gum exam should include measuring six spots around every tooth in your mouth for health. You can request an appointment HERE for a Total Care Comprehensive Exam or Call HERE, and we can get you scheduled.
  2. If you’ve been told you have Gum Disease, don’t wait to get it treated. Your health and even life may depend on it. Call HERE for an appointment.
  3. Make sure you are cleaning below the gum. You can do this by using the Bass toothbrushing method which I explain in this video and is shown here:

Healthy Dental Products

You also want to make sure to use healthy dental products!  

Look at the ingredients on your toothpaste and mouth rinse.  

Do you really want to swallow those chemicals? I hope you say no!  

Here are some of our favorite, healthy tooth cleaning choices:

Tooth and Gum Tonic
StellaLife Rinse
Shine Powder

Click on the pictures above to see where you can get these products.

And make sure you check out this YouTube video to get even more suggestions!

All of the doctors and team at Total Care Dental are on your team – we want to help you Spring Clean your mouth and your health. 

Let’s get healthy together!

Dr. Michelle Jorgensen

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Table of Contents

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