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Uses Of Ozone

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How many of you know about some common uses of ozone?

Many people are really concerned about disinfection and disease prevention because of the current public health situation.

Since many of my family and friends know my interest in natural health, I get a lot of questions about what they can do to keep their family safe and healthy while at the same time avoiding medicines and pharmaceuticals.

So, in the spirit of this conversation, I’d like to share a bit about some of the common uses of ozone as it pertains to the dental office, but first, I’ll also share how it can be used every day in the home to help us be healthier .

My Saturday Morning

Before I begin, let me tell you about my morning routine last Saturday and how ozone fit into it.

Being a Saturday, I slept in a bit. When I woke, my dear wife had just returned from the grocery store and asked that the bags of fresh produce she bought for a dinner with extended family tomorrow be put away.

She also told me that she would like the kids to do a deep cleaning of our bathrooms before family came over this weekend and that she’d like me to oversee this chore because she had a sore throat and wanted to lie down for a bit.

Well, here’s how my ozone morning went…

I placed all the fresh fruits and vegetables in the kitchen sink and covered them in cold water.

I then connected my ozone generator to an aquarium air stone (purchased for $2 at the pet store) and submerged this in the sink. Fine bubbles of ozone began to percolate through the water and fruit and immediately disinfect the produce.

Now, I have always washed our fresh produce before putting away, but before I had ozone, I would use some fruit wash or vinegar or something else that I had. This was much more labor intensive.

Now I just stir those veggies around every few minutes in the cold water and know with confidence that they’re clean.

The ozone-infused water effectively kills surface bacteria, fungi and viruses, but of particular concern to our family is the fact that ozone has been shown to be very effective at oxidizing and thus degrading residual glyphosate and other chemicals that may have been sprayed on our produce.

Research shows that a 15 – 20 minute soak is sufficient to achieve this desired effect.

This is just one of the uses of ozone!

Shake them off and put ‘em away! Chore #1…DONE

Ozone and Bathrooms

On to the bathroom cleaning. Who knew that cleaning bathrooms was another use of ozone??

For use in our home, I have fabricated a homemade ozone water-maker using another inexpensive aquarium air stone, a quart-size ball jar, and some silicone tubing.

A picture tells more than a written description does. (see below)

I filled the jar from our Reverse Osmosis (RO) water tap and began to infuse ozone into the water.

While that worked, I gathered my kids to do the cleaning.

Since it takes some time to coax my teenagers out of bed or away from their show, book, or guitar, the ozone had a good 15 – 20 minutes to really infuse into the water.

Distilled or RO water is best for this because you can achieve a higher concentration of dissolved ozone in water when the minerals have been mostly removed.

Each child was given a spray bottle filled with ozone water, and they went to work cleaning and safely disinfecting our toilets and bathrooms. Ozone is a more powerful oxidant than chlorine and has been shown to be a better disinfectant.

Furthermore, if we spray ozone water on my bathroom surfaces and leave them wet, we don’t have to come back and wipe it off when done because all that is left when it degrades is water and oxygen.

Chore #2…DONE

Ozone as Medicine

Finally, I didn’t forget my sweetheart who wasn’t feeling well.

While the kids were doing the cleaning, I prepared an ozone treatment for my wife to self-administer that would help her body fight any infection that may be trying to get a hold in her body.

A medical or dental professional trained in ozone therapies, like myself, can show their patients how to administer this and other safe and effective treatments to help support whole body health. This is an extremely beneficial use of ozone.

These treatments include ear insufflation with a stethoscope-like device, nasal ozone or “nose-one”, and Rectal Insufflation or R.I. ozone.

The mild oxidative stress induced by ozone has been shown to trigger the body’s innate antioxidant responses which decrease chronic inflammation and may help prevent many chronic and neurodegenerative diseases.

Many of these procedures can be self-administered at home, and of course our team at Total Care Dental offer these therapies in the dental office as well.

The Many Uses of Ozone

In addition to all of the above at-home and medical uses of ozone, Total Care Dental also uses ozone to clean and disinfect our dental units to keep our patients safe and healthy.

We provide ozone injections for infected teeth and cavitations and will do joint injections to help treat problems with the TMJ or jaw joint.

Ozone will be used to disinfect teeth that are badly decayed before filling and is a natural desensitizer.

If you would like to know more about ozone treatments and how this safe therapy can improve your dental and whole-body health, consult our team of dental specialists at Total Care Dental.

I hope you enjoyed learning about all of the uses of ozone!

Let us help you learn how to use this amazing sanitizer/cleaner/medicine that nature has given us! 

Table of Contents

Dr.  Montes

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