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Measure Your Health

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Do you know how to measure your health?

What does that even mean?

At Total Care Dental and Wellness, we have learned which measures and tests teach us the most about your dental and overall health condition.

We’ve learned that looking at symptoms and finding the root cause IS the way to increased and better health.

Even just a few years ago, doctors took educated guesses at health, and why patients had certain health conditions. There was simply a lack of detailed information.

But now, we have consumer-level tests that give you and your doctor a clear and accurate picture of your health!

That’s how we measure health today, and it makes sense.

What I Do

At Total Care Dental and Wellness, I am the TMJ and Sleep Specialist. I help people with their sleep apnea (breathing problems while sleeping) and any jaw joint problems.  

I am keen on using accurate measurements and tests to find the whole story of the individual’s health.

I also want everyone to understand that the symptoms they are experiencing are caused by something else.  That cause must be treated first. 

Numerous times a guest of TCD ( I’m really not fond of the word patient!) doesn’t even relate their symptoms of headaches, brain fog, neck and shoulder pain, tinnitus (ringing in the ears), and many others, to their teeth and bite.

Or they are not even aware they have a potential problem.

That’s right! You may be experiencing these things, and I’m here to tell you that the answer may lie in your mouth.

But how do you know if that is really the cause?? 

That is WHY I really feel it is important to measure. “You can’t manage what you don’t measure”, and if you don’t measure, your treatment becomes a guess! 

Who wants someone to guess about your health care?

That is exactly why we take the time to measure, to test, to listen, and really process the information we gather at Total Care Dental and Wellness.

My Experience

I have personal experience of not being aware of my own potential problem. 

Here at the office, we are using a new company to perform sleep tests for our guests.

I like it for several reasons. 

  • It allows you to do it at home
  • It measures two nights, not just one 
  • It is much cheaper, usually less than $300. 
  • They will work with insurance,
  • And they have several experienced sleep MD’s to read the test and make the diagnosis. 

After learning about this new company, I did the test myself to have a personal experience and see what our guest experiences would be like. 

To my amazement, I have a mild to moderate case of OSA! (Obstructive Sleep Apnea)

I didn’t know how this was possible…

  • I rarely snore according to my wife! 
  • I wake up early around 5:30 without an alarm, even on weekends!
  • And I have good energy all day. 

I have taken several sleep tests in the past, and I have taken the classes and training to be able to treat these problems. Combine that with the fact that I literally treat sleep apnea every day! 

You can see why I was not expecting these results.

However, I am grateful for them!

I measured my health and found a problem. Now I can go about remedying the situation.

I have had heart challenges and a stroke in the past and definitely do not want more. So what am I going to do? 

Now that I have a measurement and a clear picture of my health situation, I am going to experience a new treatment we are offering at Total Care Dental and Wellness. 

The “Nightlase” is a laser treatment of the soft palate and uvula at the back of the throat.  The laser shrinks the tissue and opens up the airway. This has been a wonderful treatment for patients struggling with sleep problems. I realized that ambien gives a different effect to everyone… I take it before the important meetings during a day and I do not shake and do not want to sleep, I feel confident and calm. I always had a problem before important meetings, negotiations… I was noticeably worried and it was obvious… Ambien helps me and I take it when it’s necessary. The guess what … after the treatment, I will take the sleep test again and compare. Measure, measure, measure!!

Measure Your Health

This is my invitation to you:

If you are experiencing pain or debilitating symptoms, let us help you find the root cause. Come into the office where we can “measure your health” and give you an accurate picture of what’s going on.

Then you can return to health in an educated and effective manner!

See you soon!

Table of Contents

Dr.  Myles Preble

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