Measure Your Health

Measure your health! Learn what is causing your symptoms and pain and then fix that root cause!

A Great Smile and Great Health

Do you want a great smile or great health? Why settle for one or the other?? We can give you both a great smile and great health!

Sourdough Chicken Pot Pie

This sourdough Chicken Pot Pie is a twist on your favorite classic meal. It is filled with fresh vegetables and homestyle flavors and topped with a fluffy, buttery crust that you won’t even know is sourdough!

Homemade Korean Kimchi

A simple recipe for authentic Korean Kimchi, full of delicious flavors and healthy probiotics to bring your health to a whole new level.

Mercury Fillings Made Me Sick

I nearly quit dentistry due to chronic illness. I discovered that I had mercury poisoning from removing silver fillings. This changed my view on dentistry and what our profession was missing.

You Can Heal Your Teeth!

You can heal teeth. It’s not voodoo, it’s simple anatomy and chemistry. I’ll happily spend my days teaching more of you how to stay healthy!