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How Do I Get a Sleep Apnea Test?

If you think you or a loved one may have sleep apnea or some other form of sleep disorder breathing, the next step is to get tested. Read below to find out how you can get a sleep apnea test and what to expect.

A Sleep Apnea Test - What Is It And How Do I Get It?

This may surprise you, but sleep apnea tests are one of the biggest barriers to treatment. 


Two words: sleep center. 

In a testing center, the expectation is that you will be able to sleep normally in a lab and all the things that come with this environment (someone watching you sleep, wires hooked to every part of your body, etc.).  

How can anyone possibly have their normal sleep in a place like that??

We agree that sleeping centers are not ideal…

That’s why we have contracted with sleep test professionals who can use at-home sleep monitors to make it easy.  (More about that in a minute)

Prior to your at-home sleep test, we would first see you for a consultation to determine if an at-home sleep test is needed. Call 801-756-3737 or click here to request your consultation appointment.

What Actually Happens At My Consultation Appointment?

First, you come to our office. We evaluate whether your signs and symptoms point back to sleep problems or something unrelated. 

To diagnose the root cause, we take a CT scan of your airway, perform tests to see how your body is functioning and look for evidence in your mouth of airway issues.  If our findings suggest a high likelihood of sleep problems, we will recommend an at-home sleep study.

How Does An At-Home Sleep Study Work?

How does an at-home sleep test work? 

  1. First, you will be sent an at-home sleep monitor that you will use for two nights in your own bed.
  2. Second, you mail the sleep monitor and test back to us.
  3. We have the results interpreted by a Sleep Medicine doctor and that diagnosis will be sent to our office.  

After we receive your results we will contact you to discuss your results as well as your treatment options.

What’s the Next Step?

Give us a call at 801-756-3737 for a Sleep Consultation. 


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