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Kitchen to Table in 30 Minutes

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By Dr. Michelle Jorgensen

Mom, What's for Breakfast...Lunch...Dinner

With everything going on right now I keep asking myself how I can get good, healthy food from my kitchen to the table quickly and for little money.

I don’t think I’ve ever heard, “Mom, what’s for breakfast…lunch…dinner?” more in my life!   

I’ve always cooked, but it was nice to go out to eat once a week and grab a quick bite here and there occasionally.  Also, during the day the kids were in school, and my husband and I were at work.  

The dog was the only one home to wonder where his next meal was coming from!  

Now everyone is home, and everyone is eating three meals a day.  It’s a challenge to:

  1. Keep up with the demand
  2. Stay in the budget (which is little to nothing for us right now while we are out of work) and
  3. Keep some semblance of health

I’m feeling the same things that you are!

Kitchen to Table in 30 minutes or less

That is why I am doing a free live webinar this week to teach you  the strategies I am using to easily and quickly get quality food from my kitchen to the table.

Make sure to register for my free webinar on “Kitchen to Table in 30 minutes or less”! 

However,  until then let’s talk about what’s in your FRIDGE right now!

Let me walk you through the last few days of eating around here to show you some money and time saving strategies for using what’s on hand.

I made my Crockpot Whole Chicken recipe on Saturday along with Oven roasted Sweet Potatoes. I’ve changed it up in one little way since publishing the recipe the first time – and it makes a ton of difference in flavor. You and your family will love it!

Click to see the chicken or sweet potato recipes!

Sunday saw overnight soaked barley for breakfast,  and a Mediterranean meal with a lot of salads for an early dinner. 

I was also cooking the bones from the chicken yesterday in a crockpot to make bone broth.

Monday I was looking for something to make for dinner…it never ends…and saw the leftover chicken, sweet potatoes, gravy and barley.  Along with the broth from the chicken bones. 

That sounds like a soup! 

I put it all together, along with some spices and a little salt, it cooked all day and turned into a delicious Chicken, Barley and Sweet Potato soup. 

Sounds like I planned it…but I didn’t. I just followed some simple rules of how to make food taste great.

Lunch was the leftover Mediterranean salads on top of salad greens with olive oil and vinegar over top. My husband used a little of the leftover chicken for a sandwich. 

That was a simple meal that used all the leftovers up in a new way!  

Let’s look at the meals, the cost and the health benefits:

  • One chicken made three meals for 6 people.  $10 total.
  • The bones from the chicken made healthy broth. FREE
  • The salad leftovers were a little of this and a little of that and none of it was wasted.  Original cost maybe $1 per person.  Second time around – FREE
  • The barley got a new life in the soup (was delicious and very good for us!). Pennies per person for both meals.
  • Sweet potatoes are a very inexpensive starch to add to a meal – or two in this case.  $1 per person.

I’m not going to do the math, but I would bet I spent less than $25 total on three days worth of food for 6-8 people. 

It was all homemade and everyone loved the meals and the memories while we talked. 

I would call that a successful “What’s for dinner Mom,” weekend!

And I want you to learn these same things!

I can teach you how to get food  from the kitchen to table easily!

Join me Thursday, April 23rd at 7 PM MST for a live cooking class teaching these things!

I am sure you will love it, and I can’t wait to see you there!

Table of Contents

With love,

Dr. Michelle Jorgensen

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