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Vitamin D to Live Well

If your Vitamin D levels are low, you will be more susceptible to infection, disease, and auto-immune problems. Learn how you can easily boost those levels!

Normal is Boring!

“Why can’t we just be like normal people??” Have any of your kids ever said that? Learn how normal is boring, and how we are enjoying our COVID-19 summer!

How to Thrive After COVID-19

Do you want to thrive after COVID-19??
My family and I are about to start a journey to self-sufficiency and preparedness!
Come join us!

Life After COVID-19

Right now is one of the best times to take a step back from our busy lives and identify how we can make our life after COVID-19 meaningful and joyful!
Read this blog to learn how!

Kitchen to Table in 30 Minutes

Do you know how to easily get quality food from your kitchen to table in 30 minutes or less? Can you do that with just what you have in your fridge? Well I want to help you, so click here to learn more…

What’s On Your Table Now??

What’s On Your Table Now??
Do you want to eat delicious, inexpensive, and healthy food and help your local economy?
Join the initiative now!

Making Bread the Natural Way

Whether you are a “bread lover” or not, this blog will teach you what you need to know to make some truly delicious and healthy bread!

How to Make Your Food Budget Stretch

I know that many of you are wondering right now how to make your food budget stretch!
In this blog I will teach you how to:
1. Eat enough
2. Eat to feed your body properly, and 
3. Conserve money  

Customs, Changes, Positivity, and… Weddings??

What do you think of your new life through the COVID-19 Pandemic??

We have all had some crazy weeks lately, but this last week was especially crazy for my family!

Let me tell you about it…


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