Homemade Korean Bibimbap

Homemade Korean Bibimbap! The name may sound interesting, but the dish is fantastic!

This is a very famous traditional Korean dish. If you are familiar at all with Korean food, you may have heard of it or tried it before.

Well, my family loves Korean food!

We have gone to lots of Korean restaurants over the years, and almost every time we go, someone orders Bibimbap.

Lots of times they bring you a burning hot stone bowl with the food inside, and the egg on top is raw. It gets cooked by the bowl!

I always loved this dish because it was simple, healthy, and super tasty! It is basically rice, meat, and some arrangement of different vegetables with a wonderful sauce on top. I always wondered how hard it would be to make…

I found a recipe one day, and I decided to make it! My family loved it, and it was ridiculously easy

This has now become a staple at my home, and we usually make it at least once a month!

We cook the rice and meat, fry some eggs, cut up some vegetables, and prepare the sauce. Then we lay it all out in an assembly line on the counter and everyone goes and makes their own bowls!

I hope you love this recipe as well. I know it may look intimidating at first, but just work on getting as many of the ingredients as you can. If you don’t have something, then replace it with something similiar! The one thing that I think is essential is the gochujang, (korean chili paste). You should be able to find this at any asian market near you. It looks like this. 

You’ll realize that making this is fun and easy, so good luck and let me know how you like it!

Happy cooking!

Dr. Michelle Jorgensen

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I’m Dr. Michelle Jorgensen, I love eating food, and I live to share healthy recipes with YOU! I am not going to give you any recipes that don’t taste amazing and make your body feel great! 

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