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Spring Clean Your Mouth

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It’s Dr. Derek Preble from Total Care Dental and Wellness. 

Spring is here, and in the spirit of spring cleaning, it is important to also spring clean your mouth! 

In your house, you need to clean up and get rid of old things, but what do you need to do in your mouth?

Well, I want to teach you how to spring clean your mouth by cleaning up and avoiding a common dental problem: periodontal disease.

Periodontal disease affects 47% of adults over the age of 30.

And as you become more seasoned in life, your risk of periodontal disease increases to roughly 70% at the age of 65 according to the CDC.

Periodontal disease is an inflammatory disease that affects the gums and causes recession and bone loss.

With extreme conditions, this disease can even lead to loss of teeth. 

Healthy Gums
Periodontal Disease

Consequences of Periodontal Disease

Periodontal disease also has far reaching systemic implications such as:

  • A huge increase of risk for heart disease
  • A 200% increase in risk for stroke
  • Difficulty managing diabetes and
  • New research showing a possible link between periodontal disease and Alzheimer’s


How To Spring Clean Your Mouth

Your mouth is the main way that things enter your body and how humans get nutrients.

So, if the mouth is infected with the bacteria of gingivitis or periodontal disease, then every time we swallow, chew, eat, brush and floss that bacteria is being introduced into the body systemically.

So what can you do to clean out that bacteria or avoid it in the first place?

Check out these blogs or read more about avoiding periodontal disease here!

One of the big indicators of the disease is inflammation in the mouth and bleeding gums.

When the gums bleed, that creates direct access for the bacteria to enter the bloodstream and be carried to all parts of the body.  

Periodontal disease is very maintainable, to the point that there is no more inflammation. 

Periodontal disease is normally treated by a procedure called scaling and root planing; I like to call it a Therapeutic Cleaning.

At Total Care Dental and Wellness, we also take a whole health approach.

Not only do we get all of the tartar and plaque (the bacteria) off the teeth, we also flush the gums with Ozone water and the pockets with Ozone Gas.

To address the systemic effects of the periodontal disease there are several take home products and supplements we recommend to support you body road back to clean and healthy.

That’s how you can spring clean your mouth!

And we want to help. Contact us here to schedule your appointment now.

I, Dr. Derek and the rest of the Total Care Team look forward to seeing you soon.

Keep smiling


Get to Know the Author

Dr. Derek Preble

Loves to help people with his passion for dentistry. Dr. Derek’s path to becoming a dentist was a little roundabout for someone that grew up in a dental office, but because of this, he knows dentistry is his passion and has been known to say that he gets to come to work to play all day.

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Table of Contents

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