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Most of us are living busy…living stressed…living online…living through our children, and living for the next thing.

But does that mean we’re LIVING WELL?

I’ve always been interested in traditional arts. Whether it be canning or fermenting food, making my own health and home care products, or even the way we approach life in our home. 

The interesting part has been combining that with my traditional and alternative training in dentistry and medicine. It would seem I have a foot in both worlds.

That’s the beauty of my journey.

I’ve found there is good everywhere, and I will help you explore, simplify, enrich, and love your life by combining wisdom from generations past with modern day advancements.

We will go behind the scenes.  

Expect the unexpected as I peel back the layers of what it really takes to make modern life more fulfilling.

Learn how to Make Do, Minimalize, Relearn Traditional Arts, and Enjoy LIVING WELL with Dr. Michelle!

My Story

I was practicing as a successful, busy cosmetic dentist, but while my practice was growing, my health was deteriorating.  

The traditional medical world and even my own profession left me without answers, help or much hope. 

I realized I had to take my health and future into my own hands.   

Combining the traditional methods and wisdom I had always been attracted to with the latest in health research, I was able to heal and regain my life and health.

Empowered by my findings and recovery, I started researching how to “live well” in today’s world of information explosion and overload.   

My search led me to folks that are succeeding in Living Well on their own terms. These are not Internet Influencers or renowned Experts in their field. In fact, you probably won’t recognize any of them. They’re simply people who have been quietly living and loving life, with less. 

I invite you to join me as I introduce you to people, research, and methods that can help you live well, today.

My knowledge of traditional techniques and materials, along with my scientific background and training, allow me to shine a light on an often cloudy and confusing mix of “Doctor-Google” and truth. 

I will teach you how to sift through what is time tested and what is just the internet fad of the month.   

How I Will Help YOU Live Well

Living Well will include:

  • Hands-on teaching.  I will filter through the scores of information and most up to date research and advancements, along with traditional methods, and combine them into “DO TOMORROW” skills that you can incorporate into your life.  This will lead to Living Well.  
  • Challenges: I will wrap up the most important points and give a LIVING WELL TODAY CHALLENGE for you to participate in during the following 30 days.
  • Online Groups and Support: The LIVING WELL TODAY CHALLENGE for the month will be supported with downloadable resources and chat groups to support your efforts.


Topics will range from how to avoid toxins in today’s grocery store food, to gardening anywhere.  Learn to preserve your own natural probiotics to restore your gut health, and make your own hypoallergenic, environmentally friendly self-care products to eliminate allergies.  

The latest scientific research will be combined with ancient knowledge that has been preserved through generations.

Examples of Topics from Living Well Categories:

Movement: What our ancestors did before they had the gym…finding exercise in your life

Healthcare: Why using plastics can lead to Breast Cancer and how to avoid them in life today.

Nutrition: How 15 minutes a day making bread could eliminate food allergies in your family.

Lifestyle: What does Minimalism mean and how can you do one thing today to improve the energy and organization in your home.

Freedom:  Grow and preserve your own food —in less time than it takes to go to the store.

Giving: What does community really mean and how have we lost it? How to establish a community and resources to help it grow.

Table of Contents

Who Am I?

Dr. Michelle Jorgensen, DDS, TNC, CNAS is a practicing holistic dentist, Traditional Naturopathic doctor, author, blogger, and video creator on all topics related to Natural Health, Self-Reliance and Living Well.

She has a large garden and orchard, raises farm animals, grows and preserves her own food, makes dinner for up to nine people each night and runs a thriving health-based dental and wellness practice.

Dr. Jorgensen has a knack for taking information that seems out of place in today’s world, and making it work to improve lives. In addition, she has a large network of friends and associates that are “Living Well” that she can’t wait to introduce to the world.

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