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Weekly Wellness Story

Today I am combining my new Smart Mouth Challenge with my weekly wellness story!

Some of you may know that I often get crazy ideas… and my family just knows to sit them out, and I’ll probably move on to something else soon!  

A few years ago I wanted to live in a straw bale house or something called an “Earthship”.  

There was even a class in Salt Lake City teaching how to build one of these houses!  

My husband just smiled and politely ignored me talking about it for a few days, and then I moved on (smart man!).  

That’s why I was so excited to meet a patient a few weeks ago that lives in one of these houses!  He’s lived there for years, and I wanted to know all about it. 

The tragic thing is that this gentleman has worked hard to stay healthy and live healthy for years, but he recently developed a severe tremor in his arm and hand.

No one has been able to help, and it’s keeping him from living the way he wants and doing the things he loves.  

As I talked with him on his first visit, I had a strong impression there was an answer for him at Total Care Dental.  

I know that sounds woo-woo, but I’ve been following these impressions for years, and they have yet to lead me astray.  

I didn’t know the answer, but I suspected Dr. Preble, our bite, sleep, and jaw specialist did.

That’s the beauty of the depth of doctors and experience at Total Care Dental.  

Sure enough, he came for a consultation with Dr. Preble, and within minutes, he had stabilized his head and neck, temporarily corrected his bite, and the tremor went away completely.  

It was a true miracle.  

When his bite, head, and neck position are corrected permanently, we feel confident his tremor will improve. That will in turn improve his life.

This is how we help people on a daily basis, and it’s an incredible place to work!

I love being a part of these wonderful stories of people and families healing and living happier and healthier lives!

My New Role

A few weeks ago I shared my new role at Total Care Dental with all of you in an email – and have had quite a few of you talk to me about it.  

Some congratulations, some concerns.  

I joked this week that my only job now is to stand around looking pretty. Well, if you’ve seen us with all of our new COVID attire on, you’ll know there is no looking pretty anymore!!

My new job is really working with all of you to get these answers.  

I simply can’t do all of the dentistry and help find answers at the same time, and I don’t have all the skills and experience that other doctors do in treatment.  

Have you heard of the “zone of genius“?  All of the doctors are working to fine-tune their zone of genius, for your benefit.  

THE best surgeon will be doing your surgeries, THE best dentists will be doing your fillings and crowns. I wouldn’t allow anything less.  

And now I get to do what I’m best at for all of you – finding answers and directing your care. 

So no worries about not seeing me or working with me anyone – I’m still here and am quality control and quarterback wrapped up in one. 

Smart Mouth Challenge

If you or a friend or family member is looking for these answers to your dental or overall health concerns, I have an invitation for you!  

If you would like to learn

  • How to be cavity-free for life
  • How to really eat for health
  • How to read the signs and symptoms your body is throwing at you and
  • How to finally conquer chronic disease

Then you need to join my FREE 5 Day Smart Mouth Challenge! 

It is 5 days of LIVE coaching and training from me (1 hour each day). 

It is guidebooks, recipes, and tricks of the trade that I don’t often share…all for free!!

Don’t miss out!  

It starts on June 18th, and I would love to see you there!

Click below to join my free 5 Day Smart Mouth Challenge, and please, share with friends and family that want to get their health and life back!

Table of Contents

See you soon,

Dr. Michelle Jorgensen

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