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Partners On Your Journey

We are excited to be your partner on your dental and overall wellness journey and are dedicated to providing you with the highest quality and most comprehensive dental and overall care.

No Stone Left Unturned

At your first in-office appointment you will meet with your personal Care Coordinator and they will provide you with our unique “New Patient Dental & Wellness Exam” which includes 3D CT scan, x-rays, detailed oral exam, and other health-based screening.

Your personal Care Coordinator will be with you throughout your whole appointment helping with testing, scheduling, finances, and any questions you may have.
The exam will conclude with an interview with one of our amazing doctors about the creation of a custom health plan based on your needs and the test results.

After your initial exam and consultation, you will be well on your way to a healthier and happier you!

Getting a Clear Picture

Non-invasive CT scan

The first thing we complete during our Dental & Wellness Exam is a dental CT scan called a ConeBeam Scan.

This scan is very detailed and shows your head and neck area.  It is taken outside of the mouth so it is non-invasive.  This scan is essential to finding hidden infections and other issues in your mouth that are affecting your health. 

Creating a clear picture

Our doctors are trained to read the scans and can see failed root canals, new abscessed teeth, infections where teeth were removed, and growths or other concerns in the mouth and the jaws, head, and neck area.  They look for jaw joint changes or concerns, airway blockages and even look at your sinuses. 

We use a digital CT machine to keep the radiation as low as possible for you.  We are so fortunate to have this level of information available to help you with your dental and overall health care.

Diagnostic In mouth x-rays

Patients sometimes wonder why we take a CT scan AND x-rays in the mouth. The simple answer is that they show different things, and both are very important.

In-mouth x-rays show us an up close view of each tooth. They allow us to identify cavities, problems with fillings or crowns and gum and bone loss around teeth.

Diagnostic photos

We also take photos of your teeth. The doctors look closely through them and can identify cracks, areas where cavities are just starting, and wear areas where your teeth may not be fitting together correctly. All of these things help us take better care of you and your teeth!

Comprehensive Wellness & Oral Exam

Gum exam

The doctor will do a comprehensive gum exam during the dental physical. It is most likely the most detail that has ever been gathered in your mouth at any appointment!

Why do we gather this information? Research shows that up to 80% of all adults have some stage of gum disease, and this disease is often called the “silent and deadly killer of teeth and people.” Gum disease has been linked to everything from Diabetes and Heart Disease to low birth weight babies and kidney and lung disease. It’s nothing to mess with, and it doesn’t usually hurt until it’s much too late.

That’s why we do a full gum exam, including measurements around every tooth and measurement of areas where you have had gum recession. With the information, the doctor will diagnose your Stage of Gum disease from 0 to 4 and will make recommendations for treatment. Our patients are lucky to have this level of care for their mouth and their health.

Learn more about gum disease by clicking heret

Intraoral exam

When the gum exam is done, our doctors often joke that there certainly can’t be anything left in your mouth to check, but there is! The doctor continues looking at your teeth, your old dental work, the wear on your teeth, the way your teeth fit together, signs of breathing or airway issues and more!

Our goal is to leave no stone unturned when it comes to your health and wellness.

Make sure to allow time for this visit - you don’t want to shortcut the information you can gather and gain to help you gain or maintain your health!

Health-Based Screenings

The doctors at Total Care Dental and Wellness work very hard to be thorough in their exam and diagnosis, and then present the information in a way that is simple and not overwhelming. This isn’t always easy!

They have found that there are three main dental areas that affect your overall health - Infection, Breathing and Jaw Joints and Metals. All of these areas are discussed and treatment recommendations made.

This may include safe mercury filling removal, biologic Dental surgery, Breathing and Sleep treatment and more!

Meet Your Care Coordinators

Your Personal Care Coordinator

Your Care Coordinator a specially trained team member is there to help you through your dental physical and through the first phases of your care.

The entire job of your Care Coordinator is to serve you.

You are no longer alone on your journey! After your initial exam and consultation, you will be well on your way to a healthier, happier you! We cannot wait to meet you!

"I really do feel that what we do here has great value with many layers of care for each patient."

"There's nothing like having someone come to you looking for answers and getting to help them find a solution."

Total Care Dental offers the most amazing care. They look at the entire health of your body, not just your dental health. Each visit is so thorough. The staff is very professional and friendly.

~ Robyn

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