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How Can I Get a Free Consultation for Cosmetic Dentistry?

As we continue to answer your most frequently asked questions about natural cosmetic dentistry, you may still be wondering…

“Am I a good candidate for cosmetic dentistry?”

“Which treatment options will work for me?”

“How much is this going to cost for my specific situation?”

To help make it easy for patients to answer YOUR specific questions, we provide a FREE virtual smile consultation from home!

Let’s show you how it works.

What is a Virtual Smile Consultation?

One of the biggest barriers to getting started with cosmetic dentistry is fear of the unknown.

We get it. If you’re still just learning what cosmetic dentistry is, you may not want to go down to a dental office today and sign yourself up for an in-office examination.

That’s why we provide a non-invasive (but still highly personalized) virtual smile consultation at no cost.

Yes, you read that right. You can get a virtual smile consultation absolutely free!

How Does A Virtual Smile Consultation Work?

It’s pretty simple. To get a virtual smile consultation you.

  1. Snap a few pictures of your teeth with your smartphone.
  2. Upload these pictures on our secure website.
  3. Within 3 business days, one of the doctors of Total Care Dental will send you a personalized video.

In this video, we will discuss which treatment options are available for you based on our expert analysis of your teeth pictures.  We will outline the pros and cons of the different treatments, plus go over the estimated costs you should expect.

It’s a no-pressure, low-stress way to get more information about your treatment options.

Before you actually begin your cosmetic dental treatment we will see you in the office for a more thorough exam to verify all of our findings but getting started with a virtual consultation from home is a quick and easy way to get the process started and to get your questions answered!

Get a FREE At-Home Virtual Smile Consultation

Receive a FREE virtual smile consultation with one of the Cosmetic Dental experts at Total Care Dental and find out if Natural Cosmetic Dentistry is the best choice for you.

This free virtual consultation is all about getting your major questions and concerns answered directly from an expert. Our doctors can answer anything for you, including:

  • Would natural cosmetic dentistry work for me?
  • What costs should I expect?
  • How long will the treatment take?
  • And any other questions you may have.

Click Here to Get a Free Virtual Smile Consultation Today


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