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Total Care Dental & Wellness is proud to offer a mercury-free and mercury-safe dental office to its patients.  

This essentially means we never place mercury fillings and that our team has been trained in special safety procedures* to protect you and our team during mercury filling removal.     

Please watch the video or read below to learn more about how we are looking out for you and your health.   

Mercury Free


Mercury Fillings Made Me Sick

Total Care Dental & Wellness is a “mercury-free” dental office, meaning we do not place silver/mercury amalgam fillings and instead utilize strong health-conscious fillings that resemble a more natural tooth.

Keep reading to learn more about why we don’t place silver fillings and the DANGERS of having metal and mercury in your mouth. 


Mercury fillings are sometimes referred to as silver fillings because of the metallic color but that is a result of those fillings being 50% mercury.   

Mercury is one of the deadliest metals on the planet and has been known to cause massive, irreversible neurological damage and can damage not only your brain but all of your nervous system. 

Dental Reasons for removal:

Cracking—As metal fillings go from hot to cold they expand and contract which can lead to teeth cracking.

Leaking—After a tooth crack, it can start leaking and lead to cavities under the filling.

Tooth Loss—Cracking and leaking can lead to losing more of your natural tooth.

Brief History of Mercury Fillings
Health-Reasons for Amalgam Removal

Mercury is one of the deadliest metals on the planet, known to cause massive, irreversible neurological damage. Mercury can damage not only your brain but all of your nervous system

Mercury Safe

Your Health is top priority

Mercury Filling Removal

Our goal at Total Care Dental & Wellness as always is to help you live well and to best protect you and our team we follow strict safety procedures when removing mercury from your mouth. 

The International Academy of Oral Medicine and Toxicology (IAOMT) has established the SMART (Safe Mercury Amalgam Removal Technique) as a standard in the industry. 

Our dentists have been specifically trained in these procedures and in the use of special equipment.

*Safety and proctection

Some of these procedures include protective gowns and face covers for both patient and dental staff and equipment to catch and remove mercury particles and vapors such as a rubber dam* and large vacuum. The patient will also be given clean oxygen to protect from breathing in dangerous vapors. 

During the procedure, cool water will be used to reduce mercury release and keep the filling cool while it is cut into large chunks which will decrease the amount of drilling.   

After the procedure, everything in and around the removal area is cleaned and rinsed with a slurry of chlorella or charcoal to help remove any residue. 

All these steps are in place to protect you and our team and most importantly give you a strong and healthy mouth which can lead to better overall health.   

  • Properly installed amalgam separator to collect mercury amalgam waste. 
  • Adequate filtration in place, including a high-volume air filtration system capable of removing mercury vapor and amalgam particles generated during the removal. 
  • The patient will be given a slurry of charcoal, chlorella, or similar adsorbent to rinse and swallow before the procedure.  
  • Protective gowns and covers for the dentist, dental personnel, and the patient must be in place.  
  • Non-latex nitrile gloves must be utilized by the dentist and all dental personnel in the room. 
  • Face shields and hair/head coverings are to be utilized by the dentist and all dental personnel in the room. 
  • Protect full body patient impermeable barrier, as well as a full head/face/neck barrier under/around the dam. 
  • External air or oxygen delivered via a nasal mask or cannula for the patient. 
  • Dental dam that is made with non-latex nitrile material must be placed and properly sealed in the patient’s mouth. 
  • A saliva ejector must be placed under the dental dam to reduce mercury exposure to the patient. 
  • During amalgam filling removal, the dentist must utilize an at source oral aerosol vacuum in close proximity to the operating field (i.e., two to four inches from the patient’s mouth) to mitigate mercury exposure. 
  • Copious amounts of water to reduce heat and a conventional high speed evacuation device to capture mercury discharges are required to reduce ambient mercury levels. 
  • The amalgam needs to be sectioned into chunks and removed in as large of pieces as possible, using a small diameter carbide drill. 
  • Once the removal process is complete, the patient’s mouth should be thoroughly flushed with water and then rinsed out with a slurry of charcoal, chlorella or similar adsorbent. 

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Have loved the care I've received at Total Care Dental. They've taken care of replacing all my silver fillings, given me a crown, taken care of a tooth extraction, and cleaned out three cavitations. Wonderful staff - highly recommend! -
Google Review - ★★★★★
I have been to 6 different dentists trying to figure out what was causing my pain. I wish I had gone to Dr. Jorgensen first! I originally chose to go to Total Care because I knew that they were able to remove amalgam fillings very safely. While I was there I explained some pain that I have had in my jaw for the past 11 years. She was able to find an infection that all the other dentists I asked about didn't even look for... This was the best experience I have ever had at a dentist office. Seriously. Go there
Google Reviews - ★★★★★
"I was really happy with my appointment. They taught me about what and why things were going on with me teeth. They also educated me on preventive care for the future. They also laid out options for me to choose from. They took great care of my teeth and [I] plan on coming back!"
Google Review - ★★★★★
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