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How to Thrive After COVID-19

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How are you going to thrive after COVID-19??

I am going to help you, but listen to this first.

My daughter is doing a project for school (yes she still has school!) on a “hero”.  

She chose to study and learn from her great-great-grandmother, Eva Josephine Bullock.

Eva was a magical woman that lived at the turn of the century in Southern Alberta, Canada.  She and her husband were sugar beet farmers and barely had enough to feed the 9 hungry mouths in their meager home.

She was no stranger to struggle and hardship but retained a delightful sense of humor and a quick wit through the written word that has been passed on through her stories, poems, and journal entries.

Grandma Bullock's Story

As we entered this new Covid-19 time, one of her accounts was particularly poignant. I think you’ll find it interesting as well.

“World War I was just over when in the shattered, filthy, crowded, poorer sections of European cities, pestilence arose in the form of the black plague of influenza.

At first, it was newspaper items of illness among the troops still abroad. Then frightening headlines of sweeping epidemic and death! Then death everywhere in Europe and Asia. There were no radios or television then, and we read the newspapers and looked at each other in terror. How well I remember the dreadful news that it had swept across the three thousand miles of Atlantic Ocean and attacked the east coast of America.

We had moved out to the mines to be near Jim’s work. Our first case of the dreaded flu was a miner who came staggering and screaming up the street from the mine. He dropped before he could reach his house and died the next day.

We held our children in terror, closed our windows, locked our doors, but inside of a week there was scarcely a home where the dead and dying did not lie. My husband and two children fell ill, and I nursed them day and night.  

Schools, churches, and stores all closed their doors. People were forbidden to congregate. Everyone wore gauze masks over their mouth and nose. Doctors worked until they dropped in their tracks. Police answered frantic calls, and where there were no telephones, they investigated farm homes often finding whole families ill with no one to care for them, often the sick in the same bed with the dead.”

Her sister lived in one of the outlying farms that were stricken. No one had seen any movement for days, so a neighbor rode over, only to find her husband dead and Eva’s sister sick with delirium. Their two children – ages 3 and 18 mo. were crying with hunger and cold. Her sister was 8 mo. pregnant and she and her unborn child died the next day. Eva prepared the bodies for burial and they buried them all together in the same grave.

She follows this account with the following, and this is the part I hope we all remember:

“I do not wish to dwell too long in this record on the morbid and the tragic, for life is full and wonderful, in spite of its bereavements and difficulties. Just being privileged to walk upon this beautiful earth under the shining sky, with two eyes to see, two ears to hear, two feet to walk with, two hands to help myself and others is blessing enough for a lifetime.”

Our Situation

We are living through the same challenges today, and I am so grateful modern medicine has advanced to the point of understanding infection and contagion and how to stop the spread of disease. 

While the solutions are not perfect, I am comforted to know we are not hiding in our homes in terror of the unknown, and we have SO much to be grateful for!

One of the things I’m most grateful for is that we are living in an amazing time in earth’s history. 

We have the opportunity to combine the latest in technology and advancements with the wisdom from generations past.  

That IS what Living Well with Dr. Michelle is all about.

Let’s thrive after COVID-19!!

How to Thrive After COVID-19

How are you responding to the challenges of today?  

Are you ready to thrive after COVID-19?

Are you holding on to your resources (money, time, food, etc), trying to lose as little as possible, or are you working to grow resources into more for now and the future?  

You might ask “how do I grow resources?” That’s called being self-reliant or self-sufficient.

  • Would you like to gain confidence that you are okay no matter what is on the horizon (and I think we all know there are more things coming…).  
  • Would you like your entire family to be able to care for themselves and their own needs in trying times?  

That’s what I’ve been learning to do my entire life, and now it’s time I teach you and your family how my family and I live.

12 Weeks to Self-Sufficiency- Family Style

My family and I are embarking on a challenge we hope we are up for! 

If you join us, you will definitely thrive after COVID-19 is over!

Watch for information soon about our 12 Weeks to Self-Sufficiency course.  Learn how to:

  • Grow and store your own food
  • Cook delicious, healthy meals at home
  • Make your own home-care and self-care products
  • Make your own medicines
  • Backyard animals
  • Fermenting and other lost healthy arts
  • How to repurpose and have fun doing it
  • Seed saving and out-of-season gardening
  • And MORE!!!  Including lessons for kids to participate and learn each week.


There will be photos, videos, lessons, and links – everything you need for you and your family to learn self-sufficiency.

This will be offered to our Total Care Dental and Wellness Family first – for a very low monthly charge for the three months.  

You won’t want to miss this!  

Once it’s done, we will be increasing the cost to purchase the entire course.

Watch for more info soon on how to join.

You can withstand the ups and downs of the economy (that we know are coming in full force) and you can grow more resources and more security, even during these downtimes.  

Table of Contents

From my family to yours,

Dr. Michelle Jorgensen

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