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Heal Teeth Through Nutrition

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Nutritious Diet = Healthy Teeth

Did you know you can heal teeth through nutrition??

I am certainly not your every day, run of the mill dentist. I talk to you about brushing your teeth…we all do, but I also share so much more.  

Tooth decay and gum disease aren’t just a lack of brushing. They are a lack of building blocks. If you don’t EAT these building blocks, they are not available for the body.  

I talk nutrition every day with all of you at Total Care Dental.  


Because you will not have healthy teeth if you don’t have a nutritious diet.  

And you will not have a healthy body if you don’t have healthy teeth.   

I tell people it’s like the saying “Where there is smoke, there is fire…”  the cavities are the smoke, and we better pay attention to them!

Frequently Asked Questions

about adding more vegetables (building blocks) to your diet:

1. What if I don’t like vegetables?

This is one my biggest pet peeves!

When my kids were little, I had a recipe book that taught you to hide vegetables in things. Blended cauliflower could disappear into many meals. I did it for a while then decided that was not a good plan for my kids.  

They needed to learn to love vegetables that LOOKED like vegetables! 

I remember one meal with extended family members. They oohed and aahed over the veggies I stir fried. They couldn’t believe how yummy they were.  The key – salt well and don’t overcook.  

That’s it! No one likes mushy food, and especially not mushy vegetables. If you tell me you don’t like vegetables, I bet it’s because of veggie mush in your past!

2. What if I can’t afford to eat healthy? 

This is an absolute tragedy to me. Healthy food saves us money.  

It should be the most affordable food there is. Unfortunately it’s often more expensive. 

A great source for affordable produce is ONLINE classifieds for vegetables and fruits.  Especially this time of year. Check out FB marketplace and ksl.com for great deals on fresh, home grown produce.

3. What if my family won’t eat it?

This is my second biggest pet peeve! I always ask people if they think Chinese children like Chinese food. They laugh and say, yes. Then I ask why.  

The answer is easy – because that’s what they have been fed.

Guess what – your family will eat what you feed them as well. If you have no other options (believe me, no one will starve while you wait them out…) they will eat it. And if they eat it often enough, they will come to love it.

These are some easy steps you can use to heal your teeth through nutrition.

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I had a new guest at dinner, and he didn’t eat much. It’s a shame because the food was so delicious.  

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Table of Contents

To health!

Dr.  Michelle Jorgensen

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