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You Changed Your Life Because of the Dentist??

(A Weekly Wellness Story from Total Care Dental and Wellness)

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The most wonderful part of my job is hearing stories!

 I hear of struggle and pain, but most often of healing and people returning to health. 

I think this is what all health care providers work for – the success stories, and it’s what keeps us coming back to Total Care Dental every day!

This week I had the most delightful experience. 

I have been having the opportunity to complete more dental exams after patients have had their teeth cleaned.

This week I went into the hygienist’s room to do the exam, and a young woman said, “Oh, I haven’t met you before, but I’ve watched you on Instagram!!”  

That always makes me chuckle. 

If I were to write a list of all the things I wanted to be in life, I don’t know that Social Media presence would even be on that list! But I find myself there more and more as I teach people about Living Well (more on that to come next week!). 

She continued bubbling about how she has literally turned her life around because of the dentist. 

She said she has quit smoking (something she took up after a difficult divorce), she has changed the way she eats, and now her health has improved significantly.  

After some years of neglect of her body and her mouth, she has some work to do to get her mouth back to 100%, but her health and life has improved so much, she’s ready to get started! 

She said she raves about Total Care Dental and Wellness to everyone, and people are confused.  “You changed your life because of the dentist??”, they ask!  

The thing that surprised me and made me so happy was she said, “You are changing dentistry.” 

That IS on my list of things I want to do in life!! 

Dentists need to step up and take our place in health CARE, not just cavity-prevention

To know we are taking the right steps in that direction made my whole week!

Thank you for sharing your stories of success and health, and for sharing your lives with us!

We want to be more than “just a dental office.” 

We are working to be a support in your quest to Live Well.

Table of Contents

To your health!

Dr. Michelle Jorgensen

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