Life Update: Dentistry Has Been Half of My Life

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I find myself at an interesting crossroads!

Twenty three years ago this month I graduated from Creighton University Dental School. I was 23 years old at the time. 

(See my photo below – I was such a baby!!) 

That means I have been a dentist for exactly half of my life!

That’s incredible! 

I have already been married for more than half of my life (28 years this year), but nothing else has taken more of my time, energy, passion or interest than dentistry.  

For those of you that don’t know how I got into the profession, I’ll give you the short and sweet version of the story. 

My dad is a dentist, so I grew up watching him love his profession. He would study dental journals on the weekends and vacationsHe is the most excellent clinician I’ve ever known, and I wanted to follow in his footsteps.  

It was not an easy road as a woman. I definitely joined the boys club, but growing up with four younger brothers, I knew how to navigate that world.

I was the first in many things, and I have pioneered a lot in my practice and in the profession.

It’s been an incredible journey, and I am so grateful for the profession and the lives that I have been able to be a part of.

This might sound like I’m writing my farewell speech, but I’m actually writing my welcome speech! 

I am going to be slightly changing roles at Total Care Dental and moving into the position I have been working toward for 23 years.  

I love helping people Live Well! 

That is my passion. 

Whether it be through uncovering the root causes for illness, guiding patient’s dental and health care journeys, or teaching people how to garden and make bread, these are all parts of Living Well.

I have searched for the last four years to find the best health-based dentists in the country.  Clinicians that are masters at dental care, and that believe the mouth is integral to overall health.  And I’ve found them:

  • Dr. Chase Larsen – A master at Natural and Conservative Smile Makeovers and Rebuilds and Safe Mercury Removal.
  • Dr. Sergio Montes – A true Biologic dentist who is also a trained Naturopath.  He has a depth of experience in saving teeth from root canals, ozone and Biomimetic Dentistry.
  • Dr. Rob Ferrell – A very experienced Periodontist who is pioneering health-based dental surgery, including the use of Ceramic dental implants and PRF
  • Dr. David Mishler –  A surgical artist that can rebuild bone in a meticulous way very few surgeons can do.  If someone has a hopeless situation, he is the one they want to see.
  • Dr. Myles Preble – A dentist with more knowledge in all things health-based than anyone I know.  He is a pioneer in sleep and jaw treatments and can change lives.  

I hope you’ve had an opportunity to meet these doctors, and know you will appreciate their expertise and experience as much as I do.

Now that the clinical team is in place, I am going to be the Care Director at Total Care Dental and Wellness.  I will be:

  1. Helping with diagnosis and Care Plans
  2. Coordinating care in our office and with other health care providers
  3. Assigning the best clinicians for the needed dental work
  4. Creating and innovating health-based dental options.

I will be doing this for New Patients and our existing dental patients at Total Care Dental.

I will also be growing the Living Well with Dr. Michelle movement. I feel such a push to teach you and the world how to LIVE WELL!  

I will no longer be doing dental surgery or dental restorative work. That seems so strange to me, and I’m sure I will have to try this new role on for awhile before it completely feels like it fits, but I’m excited for this new focus and believe I will be able to better help YOU!

Thank you for your support, love, and commitment to your health and all we do at Total Care Dental and Wellness!

We are here to help you improve your lives and your health for years to come!

Table of Contents


Dr. Michelle Jorgensen

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