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Gingivitis vs Periodontitis – The Mouth & Body Connection

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Gum disease leads to many health problems

"Periodontal disease and tooth decay are the two biggest threats to dental health"

Our goal at Total Care Dental & Wellness is to help empower you with the knowledge and tools to live happy and healthy lives.  

Remember a “healthy body starts with a healthy mouth”.

This is particularly true when it comes to your gums with an estimated 80% of people having varying degrees of gum infection. This gum infection or gum disease is usually talked about in two stages gingivitis and periodontitis, with periodontitis being the more serious condition.

This disease can lead to health issues that affect the whole body and cause havoc on your daily life. 

Below is a list of related health issues…

Health Issues Related To Gum Disease Can Include:

Gums, A Shield For Your Health

gums protect our health
When we think of a healthy mouth we tend to think of our teeth, not our gums but truthfully, the teeth and gums are so closely connected that it is impossible to choose which is more important in having a healthy mouth. Two years ago I started to experience troubles when keeping an erection. Staying hard the whole session was a real challenge, to say nothing about the second or third time. During my regular checkup, my doctor recommended trying Cialis at https://www.sneeddentalarts.com/dental-services/buy-tadalafil-generic-cialis-online-cheap-price/. I cut a 10 mg dose in half and I must say it is enough for me to perform great. No side effects or withdrawal reactions. In the same way that gum health impacts teeth, teeth health impacts gum health. Taking excellent care of both your gums and teeth is the best course of action. Your gums act as a shield and protect your teeth and jaw bone from bacteria and other invaders from gaining access to your body.  Damage to your gums and poor dental hygiene can lead to bacteria growth that leads to plaque and tartar buildup that spreads underneath your gums.    This can lead to the soft tissue being damaged and without treatment can lead to bone and tooth loss.
gums protect our health

"People with periodontal disease have 2x higher risk of dying from heart disease and 3x higher risk of dying from a stroke"

dental cavitations
Jaw bone loss

What Are Gum Disease Symptoms?

affect of gum disease

Healthy gums are firm, pale pink, and fit snugly around teeth.

Flossing or brushing will not cause them to feel sensitive or bleed. 

Signs and symptoms of gum disease may include:

Gingivitis Vs Periodontitis

starting of gingivitis


The official name for the gums is “gingiva”. And “itis” always means inflammation.

So gingivitis means inflammation of the gums.

This is the early stage of Gum Disease where the gums bleed easily and are swollen, but the disease has not progressed to the jawbone.

end stage of periodontitis


Remember the ligament that connects your tooth to the bone? It’s called the periodontal ligament.

This disease is inflammation of the periodontal ligament and the bone beneath.

Periodontitis is inflammation of the bone and the gums.

This is Stage 2-4 gum disease when the disease has progressed into the bone and there has been early to advanced bone loss, threatening the tooth and your overall health.

Dentist Vs Periodontist

The term periodontist refers to a dentist who specializes in the prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of periodontal disease.

Dentists may treat some less serious periodontal cases, but they typically refer their patients to periodontists for the most complicated cases.

In addition, periodontists provide a variety of other specialized services.

It’s very important to catch gum disease in its early stages and prevent it from progressing.

Don’t wait and let gum disease take control of your health.

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Table of Contents

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