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smiles, friends, fun, laughs…and oh, cookies!

Looking for a Dental Office that helps you with your Health, not just your Teeth? And would it help if they were FUN too? 

Are you ready for a new kind of dentistry? At Total Care Dental, you can expect the most “Unusually Enjoyable” dental experience you’ve ever had…while knowing your health is being looked after every step of the way.


Dr. Michelle Coles Jorgensen and Dr. Dan Coles, a father-daughter team, have made it their mission to create a dental office people look forward to visiting. They want you to really ENJOY coming to the dentist, and part of that has to do with the way they approach your health care. Our doctors take the time to really listen to you and come up with a custom plan for your mouth and health. Our team is also knowledgeable about natural health and is always available to answer questions. And as a bonus… we pamper you at every visit with warm towels, fluffy blankets, “get away” glasses and head phones, and we even give you fresh-baked cookies and bread all day long. As well-known Biologic and Cosmetic Dentists in Provo and Salt Lake, they provide the world-class dentistry you’ve been looking for!


Memorial Day Forgotten Memorial Day typically signals the unofficial start of summer.  A camping trip, ballgames, a family picnic at the very least.  But what is the real reason we celebrate this day? My mother in law has helped my

berry pie

TED talks and Vitamins I’m a little fried today – my three teenagers all have to give a TED talk in school this week.  For those of you that haven’t heard of a TED talk, it’s all the rage of

For some people, there is no way around it, the thought of going to the dentist just is off the table due a previous bad experience or a fear based on an experience from someone else. Dr. Jorgensen and Dr. Coles