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smiles, friends, fun, laughs…and oh, cookies!

Do you need a Dental Miracle?  Have you been putting off a Smile Update or other Dentistry because you don’t really like going to the dentist? 

Well, we’ve changed all that!  At Total Care Dental you will be delighted to have the most “Unusually Enjoyable” dental experience you’ve ever had…and get the best smile you’ve ever dreamed of!  You will love it here!


Dr. Michelle Coles Jorgensen and Dr. Dan Coles, a father-daughter team, have made it their mission to create a dental office people look forward to visiting.  They want you to really ENJOY coming to the dentist.  Our team is friendly and fun, with stories and laughs and even hugs when you need it.  Our doctors take the time to really listen to you and come up with a custom plan for your smile.  We pamper you at every visit with warm towels, fluffy blankets and “get away” glasses and head phones, and we even give you fresh-baked cookies and bread all day long.  As well-known Cosmetic and Implant Dentists in Provo and Salt Lake, and they provide world-class dentistry to help you get the smile you’ve been dreaming of.  This IS the dental office you’ve been looking for!


Dr. Jorgensen is gone in the mountains at scout camp. She thought this portrayed what she was feeling better than she could have expressed it herself. Enjoy and have a great week! Copy and paste this link or read below:


The Play of Life Years ago I was watching a production of “The King and I” with my family.  During one of the scenes, the king was dancing and singing…and his pants fell down!  Thankfully he had some bike shorts


Weird and Proud of it! After my amazing course last week, I had to filter down all the information into usable bite sized chunks.  There was so much to learn, it takes brain power to process it, then willpower to