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Total Care Dental
12 S 1100 E
American Fork, UT 84003

Monday: 8AM – 4PM
Tuesday: 8AM – 5PM
Wednesday: 8AM – 4PM
Thursday: 8AM – 4PM
*Friday 8AM – 12PM

*Phones are answered but no appointments are scheduled for Friday.

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meet the Total Care Dental team

Total Care Dental & Wellness
Dr. Michelle Coles Jorgensen, Dr. Chase Larsen, Dr. David Mishler, Dr. Myles Preble

Dr. Michelle Jorgensen is an author, speaker, teacher, biologic/holistic dentist, and health and wellness provider. 

For the last 10 years she has been paving the way in Biologic/Holistic dentistry, learning from pioneers all over the world. She has created the Total Care Dental Way, a patient CARE centric, health focused method for treating dental and over all health. Patients from around the world seek out her care, and come to Total Care Dental to have their health restored.

She has received certifications as a Therapeutic Nutritional Counselor, a Certified Nutritional AutoImmune Specialist, and is currently enrolled in a program to become a Board Certified Traditional Naturopath. She completed a Holistic Dental Mini-Residency, and is pursuing ongoing training from Swiss Biohealth in Switzerland and Costa Rica.

What makes Total Care Dental stand out?

We have a team of customer care experts on our side!

What do you think makes a perfect dental team member? Compassionate, caring, good listener, detail oriented… even goofy. Well, this dental team has all that and more! American Fork Dentists, Dr. Jorgensen has looked far and wide to find team members that are genuinely interested in our patients, concerned with making you feel comfortable, and with giving you the best possible dental care in American Fork, Utah.

This team makes a winning combination. Total Care Dental is about Hope, Health and You! Our practice was honored as “Best of State” in Utah among all service oriented businesses. Please feel free to let us know anything we can do to make your visit to our dental office in American Fork, Utah (UT) more ENJOYABLE.

Steve Jorgensen - Total Care Dental
Steve Jorgensen ~ Co-Owner 

Steve got pulled into the dental world in 2001 when Total Care Dental was opened. Before that he was a civil engineer, having attended Brigham Young University for a bachelor’s degree and the University of Nebraska for a Master’s Degree. He does all things in the dental office (management, marketing, accounting, finances, IT, maintenance…) except look in people’s mouths. He is married to Dr. Michelle Jorgensen and loves working with her on the dental practice, the house, and 4 amazing kids. He enjoys golfing, the outdoors, riding a Harley and spending time with family.

Amber Smith - Total Care Dental

Amber Smith ~ Operations Director
Amber has been in the dental field for 20 years and has done everything from assisting to managing the practice. She loves the one on one interaction, the care we provide, the relationships that are built here and getting to know both patients and staff on a personal level. She loves running, camping, hunting—a real outdoor girl. She also enjoys her large family and reading.

Angie Catmull - Total Care Dental

Angie Catmull ~ Finance Coordinator
Angie has been working in the dental field for 33 (maybe more) years. She started as a dental assistant, then an office manager and now she is our financial specialist. She loved dentistry so much, that she wanted to share what she was learning and formed the study group “Utah Dental Office Leaders Learn” back in 2012. She has been married for 30 years and has two beautiful children, Jake and Taylor. She loves to sew and cook, however after having surgery on her hands a few years ago, she has been a little bit limited. But that doesn’t slow her down!

Kris McKinley - Total Care Dental & Wellness

Kris McKinley ~ Business Director
I am new to the dental industry and excited to be a part of the Total Care Dental team. I am originally from Arizona and Texas but have raised my family in Utah and now call it home. I love the different seasons in Utah and feel very blessed to live in such a beautiful state. I enjoy spending time with my husband, children, and grandchildren. I love to read, cook, garden, and be outdoors.

Stephanie Shaia ~ New Patient Coordinator
For the past 10 years, Stephanie has been a familiar friendly face in the Utah County dental world. She loves talking to and taking care of people’s needs, as well as helping them begin their path to better dental and overall health. She has a particular interest in and understands how holistic dentistry benefits our whole body wellness. You will hear her say, “Take Care!” and she means it.
Whenever possible, she can be found walking flower gardens, or where the ocean meets the sand.  She loves spending time with her family: her husband of 35 years, her 4 grown children and her 3 absolutely adorable blue-eyed, blonde-hair grandchildren. Family is her everything! She is happy to be a part of the Total Care Dental & Wellness family.
Julie Nielsen - Total Care Dental

Julie Nielsen ~ Front Office Coordinator
I have been in dentistry since 1980 and still get excited about it and love to help people achieve better health and a beautiful smile. I feel blessed being here at Total Care Dental working with friendly, skilled, and knowledgeable team members. I love serving our patients and being in an atmosphere of caring, fun, love, and laughter. I am married to a wonderful man and love being with him whether it’s going for a walk, hiking, traveling, or just enjoying being outdoors together. I have 1 son, 5 stepchildren, and 11 grandchildren. They all keep me very busy, but I love it and feel very blessed.

Angie Keyes - Total Care Dental

Angie Keyes ~ Front Office Coordinator
Angie or “Anj” has been married for 30 years and has two awesome children and two of the most amazing and beautiful grandchildren a gal could ask for! She has been in the field of dentistry for 14 years and loves to run, fish, and go kayaking. Ang loves jewelry, shopping and especially traveling to to WARM places. She feels like she’s working at the best dental office in the world and we are thrilled to have her with us!

Londyn Crane - Total Care Dental & Wellness
Londyn Crane ~ Front Office Coordinator

My name’s Londyn, just like the city but spelt a little funny. I love the beach and summer time! I’ve been in the dental field since 2016 and it’s been such an amazing experience. I’ve worked with pediatric dentistry, general dentistry and now I’m in the specialty world of periodontics. I really enjoy working in the dental field because it’s so interesting and I learn something new every single day. It’s extraordinary how everyone at this office strives to help patients and each other to improve their lives. Everyone’s like family here, I love it!

Kailey Jean Tokunaga ~ Scheduling Specialist
Kailey comes to us from Hawaii and has worked in the dental field for six years. She keeps our schedule in tip-top shape which can be like a complicated Tetrus game at times. Kailey loves running, the beach, and hiking. She was born in Maui, hula dances and fun fact…she loves Spam! Making new friends and helping others is her favorite part of dentistry.

Margot Green - Total Care Dental

Margot Green ~ Care Coordinator
Who couldn’t love the team at Total Care Dental? After working with Michelle for 10 years, I ventured out to work with a dental consultant for a few years. Due to my passion for dentistry, I wanted to help other teams as well. Now I’m back to my roots! I love what this practice stands for and the quality of dentistry and care that is given here. Plus…the team here gives a “Top Gun” experience. When not at the practice you’ll find me traveling, playing with my family, mountain biking, or on the courts playing a fun game of tennis.

Ashley Taylor - Total Care Dental

Ashley Taylor ~ Care Coordinator
I have been part of the dental industry for 5 years. I do love teeth! It’s one of the first things I looked for when looking for my husband haha! But I do love seeing patients feel happier about the work that they are getting done. I love getting to know new people! I am originally from Teton, Idaho I love traveling, playing basketball, baking, snowboarding, and hanging out with family and friends. Working at Total Care Dental is so much fun and I learn new things every day!

Leslie Stockle - Total Care Dental

Leslie Stockle ~ Care Coordinator

Leslie loves to workout, spend time with her two children, and will eat any type of chocolate that comes her way. She has been an excellent dental assistant since 2013. You can find her outside, hiking, biking—anything to get outdoors. She is IV Certified and although she’s tiny, she is a huge asset to Total Care Dental!

Aly Ray - Total Care Dental

Aly Ray ~ Care Coordinator
Aly, came to us from California where she was a birthday party Disney Princess! She came on board to work at the front desk, but soon realized that she loved dental and works with Dr. Jorgensen assisting on surgeries and is a certified phlebotomist. She loves being in musicals and is a pre-med student at UVU.o

Aliyah Tinsley - Total Care Dental & Wellness
Aliyah Tinsley ~ New Patient Coordinator

I am new to the dental industry and couldn’t be more thrilled to be apart of the team! Everyday I learn something new about holistic dentistry, which is so intriguing to me! I love helping new patients feel welcomed to Total Care Dental. We are just one big family! I’m from Southern California and came to Utah to study at Utah Valley University in Psychology. I enjoy hiking, painting, and traveling. I might have a weakness’s my sweet tooth..donuts and root beer floats are just so irresistible! Shhhhh!

Jilene Mecham - Total Care Dental

Jilene Mecham ~ Dental Hygienist
I love life, laughter, and enjoy my many roles as a woman. I have a composed, enjoyable, fun-loving husband and four energetic, talented, amazing children. I love working as a dental hygienist. I graduated from the University of Southern California Dental Hygiene School in 1991. I worked for a few dentists until I found a brilliant, compassionate, artistic dentist in Dr. Michelle Jorgensen in 1999. I love working with her and Dr. Coles. When not working as a hygienist or playing with my wonderful children, I’m either running marathons or biking with my fantastic husband.

Tamara Bozeman - Total Care Dental & Wellness

Tamara Bozeman ~ Dental Hygienist

I have been in the dental field since 1987 and I still “LOVE” what I do !  Over the years I  have had the opportunity to learn and grow,  developing my skills in dental assisting, orthodontics, Dental hygiene and teaching. I have also had the privilege of helping those of special needs, autism, cerebral palsy and Down’s syndrome. Now, a new chapter in my life working at Total Care Dental. Such an honor and blessing to be apart of a wonderful dental family where I can continue to enhance my learning by helping others achieve optimal health.

Jilene Mecham - Total Care Dental

Stacie Henry ~ Dental Assistant
I have enjoyed being part of the dental world since 1993. I joined the Total Care Dental family in 2000. I love the patients, atmosphere, friendships, and all the continuing education that we do here. I took a short eight- year break to be a “stay at home mom” and have recently returned. It’s great to be back. I have been married since 1995 and we have three wonderful children (all parents say that). You can often find me volunteering at their elementary school or running kids to various activities. As a family, we enjoy camping, traveling, and anything outdoors in our free time.

Toafia Jestice ~ Dental Assistant
Toafia, loves to hang out with her big family of six siblings. She enjoys working out, hiking and going on scenic drives. Her favorite thing about being in the dental world is helping people feel comfortable and is great with fearful patients. She just married six months ago and is living happily ever after with her husband that she met at BYU Idaho.

Ashlee Crosby - Total Care Dental

Ashlee Crosby ~ Restorative Dental Assistant
She has been in dental for 10 years now and joined Total Care Dental last February. Ashlee enjoys being able to help patients on their health journey and seeing the positive outcomes. She loves woodwork and building things, such as end tables, shelves and benches! When she isn’t working, she is happy hanging out with her four children. Fun fact…Ashlee can do a double backflip and identify the different flavors of Skittles while blindfolded.

Kara Downing ~ Surgical Assistant
Kara started dentistry work when a friend recommended it to her 14 years ago. She loves helping people, so being a Surgical Assistant is the perfect fit. She loves to see the positive impact treatment has on her patients. When she isn’t helping with smiles, she loves camping, boating, softball and CARS! She has had a passion for cars since she can remember, which she got from her dad. She even studied collision repair in college! She is happily married with two kids, a girl and a boy.
Sharon Steinke - Total Care Dental & Wellness

Sharon Steinke ~ Hygiene Assistant

Angela Gatten - Total Care Dental & Wellness
Angela Gatten ~ Surgical Assistant

Angie has been in the dental field for over 25 years and just joined the Total Care Dental family in January 2020 after moving to Utah from Coeur d’Alene, Idaho. She has always had a passion for the surgical side of dentistry, so the Total Care Dental Surgery Team is a great fit for her. Angie has three grown children( 2 girls and 1 boy) who she loved raising and now enjoys spending time as adults with them. She loves the outdoors, hiking, traveling, and exploring new places.

Makiya Bowles - Total Care Dental & Wellness

Makiya Bowles ~ Surgical Technician

Makiya is our surgical scrub technician and comes to us from Nephi, Utah.  She enjoys hunting and camping and traveling to rodeos with her boyfriend.  She has two dogs which have become her babies.  Makiya is a certified CNA, as well as a phlebotomist. 
Laura Moody - Total Care Dental

Laura Moody ~ Marketing Outreach Specialist
Most people in this field say they have a “love of dentistry”. Laura, however, has a love of marketing! After spending several years as an International Barbie Marketer in Southern California, she moved to Utah and was hired to do the marketing for Total Care Dental. Since being here, there hasn’t been a beautiful smile that she hasn’t appreciated on a whole new level. “I have such a respect for the team here, especially the doctors and their impressive knowledge. I see our patients come in feeling pain and frustration and leave with hope and self-esteem. This has added a bright spot to my world.” She enjoys people with a good sense of humor, the ocean, pretty cupcakes, and of course…Barbie.

Aubrey Dalton Newell ~ Marketing/Creative Director

Aubrey, has been actively involved in digital for more than a decade and his ever-growing portfolio includes work on feature-length documentaries, short films, commercials, music videos, and promotional videos. Some of his favorite projects including working as a creative director for a non-profit in Colima, Mexico and being able to work live broadcasts for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints as a digital media compressionist.
Aubrey loves working with Total Care Dental and seeing how lives are changed every day from health-based dental work performed.

Jens Jorgensen - Total Care Dental

Jens Jorgensen ~ Marketing

Josh Jorgensen ~ Marketing

Josh is one of Dr. Jorgensen’s twin sons. He just got back from an LDS mission to Peru, and is now studying Biophysics at BYU. He got married in March of 2020. He loves the outdoors and rock climbs, hikes, does Spartan Races, and goes on adventures with his wife! He really loves learning about health and wellness and loves the opportunity to research and create quality content for the patients.

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Check out just a few of our before and after pictures of our patients!

Jasen R.
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Amazing team at Total Care Dental
Fantastic experience with the team at Total Care Dental. The staff takes the time to get to know you & your health care needs. They use exceptional products, equipment and procedures to ensure you get the best care possible. I can’t say enough positive things about the doctors and staff. Thank You Total Care Dental & WellNess, you exceeded my expectations.
Angie K
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Office staff and Doctors
The care and professionalism at Total Care Dental is the very best. They genuinely care for there patients. Not only there dental care but there overall wellness . I am so happy with the care I received👍
Phil N.
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A 10 star dental office!! 🤗
I cracked a molar eating lunch today and Dr. Larsen and his awesome assistant Stacy got me squeezed into their schedule and fixed up before dinner!! If I could give 10 stars for my visit today, I would. Dr. Larsen, thank you for sharing your love of dentistry with a patient in need!!
Laura C.
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No Pain and Very Professional
I had work done by Dr Montes and thought he was the best! No pain, good personality and he alway explained what he was doing so I knew what to expect. I felt like a VIP. Great place to go!
Shawnessy V.
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Worth the Travel
Advanced knowledge and equipment. Wonderful staff! I travel 4 hrs to receive the best care in the state. Thank you Total Care!
Julie M.
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It's the "Spa" of dentistry!
I'm always greeted with a smile. The staff are so very friendly and knowledgeable. I absolutely love going to the dentist!
Wendy L.
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Total Care
The very best in all of utah !!!
Jennifer M.
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More than just about teeth!
Dr Jorgensen and her staff are way ahead of anything I have ever experienced in any dental office. They truly care about the whole person! I have never seen such advanced diagnostic equipment and expertise. She has a great team and her pre op and post op protocol is designed to help you have the best outcome possible. I feel very blessed to have found her!
Tracy H.
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Truly the best care from the most caring cheerful people possible.
As soon as I walk in I hear laughter. It sets the tone for the whole experience. The receptionist is alway caring and friendly. They take time to get to know you and gear their dental work for your specific needs. I really love the holistic approach they have and their great work ethic. I would recommend them anytime to anyone.

★★★★★ Google “Total Care Dental & Wellness” and see hundreds of 5-star reviews from our patients!

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