Virtual Dental Health Consultation with Total Care Dental & Wellness

If you are looking for answers to dental and related overall health problems, the doctors at Total Care Dental and Wellness can help.  We know it can be difficult to find a dentist in your local area with the training and focus you are looking for. That is why we are pleased to offer virtual dental health consultations.  

How Does the Virtual Consultation Work?

Through this service, you’ll be able to access our highly experienced dental team from anywhere – all you need is a low-dose dental Cone-beam 3d x-ray (CBCT) which you can obtain from an imaging center or practitioners office near you.

With the CBCT and your completed health history, our doctors will be able to diagnose and address any root cause issues or questions you may have about your oral health and how it relates to overall health.

Total Care Dental Doctors
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How Can I Get a CBCT?

If you’re looking for a local imaging center that can provide you with a low-dose CBCT, simply search “dental imaging center in (city name)” and you may find several choices nearby.

If you can’t find an imaging center, contact a local oral surgeon or dental office to see if they can take this scan for you.  Once that’s taken care of, just fill out the form here or give our office a call to schedule your Virtual Consultation with one of the Total Care Dental doctors.

Finding Answers & Next Steps

For a flat fee of $525, one of our doctors will carefully examine your CBCT and health history forms. They will then create and then send you a personalized video in which they walk through the scan and discuss their findings, highlighting any areas of concern they identify. 

In addition to the video consultation, you will receive a complete diagnostic workup and a detailed report of findings. The video will also include personalized treatment recommendations tailored to your specific needs.

If you choose to proceed with your dental treatment at Total Care Dental, a portion of your virtual consultation fee will be credited towards your comprehensive exam at our office.

To ensure you have all the information you need, one of our dedicated care coordinators will contact you to discuss the report and address any questions you may have. We can also assist you in making travel arrangements to our office, where most dental procedures can be completed within 2-3 days of your arrival.

Dr. Michelle Jorgesen performing an exam

Get Started With Your Virtual Dental Health Consultation

To get started with your virtual health consultation call us at (801)756-3737, email us at or you can request a call back by filling out the form on the page.

“I just want to give a huge thank you to you and Dr Jorgensen and your whole team for offering this remote service.

Watching the video, I was close to tears as I was learning the reasons behind the various symptoms I have experienced for years.

No other healthcare provider has ever been able to make those connections before and I am so so thankful to have this understanding now.”

Becky – Virtual Health Consultation Patient

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