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“They have such an in-depth understanding of the whole body and how everything is connected as a system. They gave me answers that I have been looking for for over ten years.
Cynthia – Pleasant Grove, UT

In Office Consultation: $500 | Virtual Consultation: $249 | Save 50%

What If You Could Get The PERSONAL Health Information You Need From HOME?

If you are struggling with a chronic illness or a problem, you have probably been bouncing around from doctor to doctor, trying to find answers and solutions.

You will probably be surprised to know you may need to start at the dentist.

Your Google “research” won’t be enough to tell you what you are looking for.

Each office might offer you a piece of the puzzle, but no one puts it together into a personal plan for you.

The Overall Health Specialists at Total Care Dental and Wellness put all of the pieces together for you.

The doctors and Wellness Providers at Total Care Dental and Wellness all have advanced specialty training to find sources for your symptoms.

Did you know 60-80% of Chronic Illness begins in your MOUTH??

Our doctors will tie together your overall wellness with nutrition and dental health.

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The Total Care Dental and Wellness Specialty Providers

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Complete Dental and Overall Health Services, Under One Roof

We know that testing and finding symptoms isn’t enough…you need experts that can dig deep and find the sources of the symptoms, without driving all over town trying to piece together the solutions.

We strongly believe, and have research to back up, that your overall health hinges on your dental health. We want to show you how to get answers for both!

Actual Patient of Total Care Dental and Wellness

What Total Care Dental and Wellness does that Most other Wellness Practices Skip Over:

The doctors and Wellness Providers at Total Care Dental and Wellness all have advanced specialty training to find sources for your symptoms.

Did you know 60-80% of Chronic Illness begins in your MOUTH??

Our doctors will tie together your overall wellness with nutrition and dental health.

And the Results are Real

But Don’t Take It From Us… Read What Our Actual Patients Are Saying About Their Experience

“How often do you leave the dentist’s office smiling?

As I left Total Care Dental today, I realized I have left smiling the last 3 times. The dentists are thorough, professional, AND friendly, and the staff is, too. I love the holistic approach. They are genuinely concerned about my teeth and gums, and my comfort level during procedures. I recommend this practice to everyone.”

Rebecaa B. – American Fork, UT

“Dr. Jorgensen is simply amazing. I could not believe the level of care she helped me with, not only for my teeth, but other health issues that are related to my mouth, such as my breathing and thyroid.

She has such an in-depth understanding of the whole body and how everything is connected as a system. She gave me answers that I have been looking for for over ten years. Thank you, Dr. Jorgensen and your amazing staff.”

Cynthia – Pleasant Grove, AUT

“From top to bottom the care my family and I receive at Total Care Dental is Phenomenal in every way. They take the time to explain all their procedures and answer all questions. They’re the most friendly and accommodating and professional of any dentist office I have ever experienced.

I have seen a dozen dentists in my 58 years of life. Dr Jorgensen and her staff is by far the most knowledgeable and skilled and patient. I would recommend this office to anyone that wants phenomenal care. Their holistic approach of lovingly taking care of my mouth and teeth and body and emotional well-being is second to none.”

Jasmine – Lindon, UT

“Absolutely amazing experience. The staff is friendly, courteous, down to earth and make you feel like family. Took the whole family on the same day here based on a friend’s referral. We could have stayed there all day. Try saying that about your usual dental visits. Their holistic approach to how your teeth affect the rest of the body is cutting edge and comforting. Thanks!”

Pascual – Alpine, UT

Why You'll Love Your Virtual Dental and Overall Health Consultation

Actual Patient of Total Care Dental

It's What You've Been Waiting For

Have you been wanting to finally get some answers, without spending thousands of dollars and flying all over the world?

This is the answer for you. When it comes to health, everything is a chain reaction.

Stress in the body leads to poor digestion, poor digestion leads to poor elimination, which leads to build up of toxins. The key is getting to the bottom of all of it, and those answers are very often related to the mouth.

Getting your Virtual Dental and Overall Health consultation is as critical to your overall wellness as blood testing or scans at the hospital.

Having a healthy, strong system and body is possible for you!

Immediate Answers That Make Sense

We know how hard it is to find health answers and know who you can trust. We also know it’s even harder to get doctors to talk to each other and coordinate your care.

That’s why it’s so amazing to have an entire team of specialists under one roof.

Find out how to FEEL better tomorrow and return to the health you once had.

Returning to health could mean finally feeling like yourself again and realizing you CAN do all the things you’ve dreamed of.

Actual Patient of Total Care Dental
Actual Patient of Total Care Dental

You Deserve to Be Healthy

This isn’t your fault.

You know you have been trying to find answers to your chronic health conditions, but you really haven’t known where to go for answers.

Who knew the answer could be at a dental office?

Let us show you why the mouth is so crucial in your overall health.

You can have those answers, today, from your own home.

The Total Care Dental and Wellness Health Consultation Will Answer All of Your Concerns

"I have been struggling with my health for many years and feel like I'm just spinning my wheels. Where do I start?"

We hear this a lot, and take it very seriously.
This is why we start with very basic testing to get to the bottom of your chronic health concerns.

Your consultation will help you on your path to health .

"Why is a Dental Office offering a health consultation?"

We have found that 60-80% of your overall health is related to the health of your mouth.

If your mouth is infected, full of metals or showing acid damage, you can not return to health without addressing these things.

"I live far away. Will this be helpful even if I'm not near you?"
This is a common concern, and most people are so grateful for the simple direction, they are able to do things at home and find a provider near them to complete treatment. We also have patients visit our American Fork Utah office from around the world, and have an out of town stay plan for patients to enjoy while they visit.
"Are these things going to be expensive and painful?"

Recovering health often does cost money, but we will share low cost options along with all of the options we share .

Health is something that is worth working for and we will help you fit it into any budget.

Total Care Dental and Wellness Doctors
Two Things We Promise You
If you are committed and driven to making this positive change in your health (and we know that’s the case if you are still reading):
We will do everything we can to make health achievable for you

We can’t solve everything, but we can help you get to the bottom line and direct you to the provider that will best care for you.

We will give you things you can do from home, on your own, that will make an immediate difference in your health.

We give you 100% control of your health and your choices

Have you ever been pushed around or settled for treatment you didn’t want or feel good about?

That will never happen here.

Our #1 goal is for you to be a Raving Fan and to love your smile and the work we did for you. You may find doctors who will do your dentistry for cheaper, but this is about much more than your teeth.

See What Our Patients Are Saying...

I drive from Salt Lake to have Dr. Larsen do all of my dental work. He is a perfectionist when is comes to his job. You absolutely get what you pay for here! I recently had him do my veneers and could not be happier with them! Their staff is extremely friendly! I would and have recommended them to family and friends.

- J.D.

Dr. Jorgensen and her office are a delight! Such a calm and pampering experience. Not to mention treating the root cause and taking the whole picture into consideration. Their new patient dental exam is so thorough and amazing. You’ll learn more about your health here than your Dr.’s office! We have found our Dentist office for life.

- J.D.

This place is very thorough with their testing diagnosis of your whole body, and not just what's happening in your teeth. They have been instrumental in helping me get on the path to healing, and not just dental issues. They also treat their patients like royalty and really care about their needs and help them solve their problems and get them on the road to healing.

- W.B.

The first thing I felt as I walked in the door my first day and each day after that was the loving kindness and sincere care I observed given to each dental patient including myself. The office was inviting and happy. They all worked together with knowledgeable skill in each approach and application.

- N.H.

Google “Total Care Dental & Wellness” and see all of our 5-star reviews!

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