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Dental Mysteries Revealed Video Series

American Fork, Utah’s Favorite Family Dentists

Episode 1: Introduction to Dental Mysteries Revealed

Episode 2: Mercury Fillings

Episode 3: Going Gluten Free

Episode 4: Veganism and Dental Health

Episode 5: Eat Your Greens–But Don’t Overdue It

Episode 6: Is Your Toothpaste Scratching Your Teeth?

Episode 7: Chipping and Shrinking Could Be Vitamin Deficiency In Teeth

Episode 8: How Breathing Through Your Mouth Can Change Your Jaw & Teeth

Episode 9: Jaw Pain and Headaches

Episode 10: How to Drink Lemon Water the Right Way

Episode 11: How Does Soda Hurt Your Teeth

Episode 12: Why Did You Get That Cavity?

Episode 13: 40 Points Every Dentist Should Check for in an Exam

Episode 14: Sensitivity To Metals

Episode 15: Symptoms & Signs of Bite Problems

Episode 16: How To Bleach Your Teeth Naturally

Episode 17: Buying Dental Products

Episode 18: Radiation Facts & Myths

Episode 19: Raw Foods Versus Cooked Foods

Episode 20: Sugar and Your Teeth

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