The 30-Minute Meal Formula

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By Dr. Michelle Jorgensen

Let me teach you how to make healthy and delicious 30-minute meal!

Let’s start with some basic principles..

Why Do I Always Feel So Hungry?

There is a part of your brain that is called your Appestat

It is found in the hypothalamus, and it controls and regulates appetite. 

If it says, “I’m hungry”, we look for food. So everytime you feel hungry, it is because your appestat is signaling your body to look for food. 

However, it’s actually a nutrient detector rather than a food detector

You will feel hungry  until your appestat gets its fill of NUTRIENTS! 

You can eat and eat, and never feel full because you did not feed your body the fuel it needs.

I am sure you have seen other people who exemplify this, or you have experienced it youself.

So, my goal is to teach you how to make a 30-minute meal from whole foods that is easy and provides the nutrients your family needs. 

Food Combining

There is another important principle you have to understand!

This principle is food combining

You have to combine the right foods togehter in your 30-minute meal to increase mood and energy, reduce bloating and gas, and help you burn fat. 

How does this work? 

Different foods are metabolized differently in our bodies and shouldn’t be eaten at the same time.

  • Proteins digest slowly and require acid juices for digestion.
  • Carbohydrates digest quickly and require alkaline juices for digestion.

Imagine eating these things at the same time. Your body produces both alkaline and acid juices at the same time which basically fight and neutralize each other. 

This leads to your food not being digested well and all sorts of problems from weight gain to fatigue. 

The solution is to not eat protein or carbohydrates at the same time. 

However, did you also know that fruit shouldn’t be eaten with other types of food?

And maybe you are asking, what can I eat vegetables with??

As you can tell, there are some really important principles that we need to understand to be able to use the 30-minute meal formula

The 30-Minute Meal Formula

Your Appestat, Food Combining, Flavor Profiles, and Recipes…

These are all big topics and require more detail to be able to really apply them!

As you can see, there are some really important principles in how you make your food that have a HUGE impact on your life! 

Do you want to make 30-minute meals that will provide the nutrients that you need??

Well you are in luck!

I have written a detailed eBook that includes all of these topics!

As you can see above, this eBook

  • Introduces and teaches the concepts of the appestat and food combining
  • Teaches you a 30-Minute Meal Formula
  • Explains how to choose your meal’s base
  • Gives a full graph you can use to make your food into any type of cuisine from around the world using traditional flavor profiles
  • Teaches you simple formulas for stir-fries, rice bowls, soups, and salads
  • Gives you several easy recipes for each of the types of food above
  • Teaches how to use healthy salts, fats, and acids to flavor your food

If you are a busy parent like me and don’t know how to do everything at work and around the house and still make nutritious meals, then this book is perfect for you!

You will learn how to create a healthy lifestyle not just a new diet. These principles will help you the rest of your life.

Right now I am offering this book for only $9.99!

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Table of Contents

 I hope you enjoyed this blog! You can buy the EBook here.

Good luck and stay safe and healthy!

Dr. Michelle Jorgensen

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