Services Offered at Total Care Dental & Wellness

At Total Care Dental & Wellness we focus on your health, your comfort, and the long term wellness of your whole body . . . not just your teeth!

Holistic Dentistry

Health-Based Holistic Dentistry

People often wonder, “What is Holistic Dentistry?”

Your teeth are connected to the rest of your body and we work to ensure both are healthy.

Health-Based Holistic dentistry focuses on restoring health—not just fixing teeth. This includes using safe materials, advanced techniques, and nutritional guidance to give you the best dental and overall health.

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Natural Cosmetic Dentistry

Natural Cosmetic Dentistry

Getting a spectacular smile shouldn’t require damaging your teeth or harming your body.

It’s possible to have a spectacular smile without compromising your health!

With our Natural Cosmetic Dentistry Treatments, you can get the smile of your dreams in a safe and healthy way.

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Sleep Apnea

Sleep Apnea Treatments

Sleep issues are one of the leading causes of health problems today…

Heart disease, stroke and auto-immune problems are all impacted by the quality of our sleep.

Not only do we screen for sleep and airway problems, we work to treat the underlying issues.

Hate your CPAP?  Having problems with your Snore Guard?  We have answers.

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