Real Israeli Hummus

My family always loves to make this Real Israeli Hummus! It is great as a snack or a side dish.

I have always liked hummus, and my family has been eating it for years. However, in 2019 my husband and I traveled to Israel and Jordan with my two youngest children! 

We absolutely loved the real israeli hummus we had! It obviously tasted like the hummus we had always eaten but somehow better…

After returning home, we have tried to recreate more of the middle eastern food we ate in Israel. Some of it tastes great, but some leaves us wishing we still in Israel eating thing!

A few months ago I found a recipe from that claimed to taste like real israeli hummus. I decided to give it a try!

After some modifications, my family has decided that this recipe is the closest thing we have tried to the real deal!

Make sure you use the best Olive Oil possible and add anything else you like in your hummus!


Dr. Michelle 


My name is Dr. Michelle Jorgensen. I know how important food for helping you live well! That’s why I am dedicated to providing delicious and nutritious recipes for you!

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