Homemade MUD/WTR

What is MUD/WTR??

MUD/WTR (pronounced mud water) is a new morning drink advertised as a coffee alternative that has been gaining popularity recently—and for good reason!

If you visit their website you can learn about all of the amazing health benefits it provides and the good reviews it is receiving. 

Morning drinks in general have been gaining popularity in the health world! Coffee, America’s morning drink, has had many experts extolling its unique health benefits.

However, some people (myself included) just don’t do well drinking lots of caffeine, and others want options other than coffee. 

If you ask my family they will tell you about the host of morning drinks we have tried over the last few years. Everything ranging from ayurvedic hot drinks to our own bulletproof “hot chocolate” to golden milk. Sometimes my daughter will still complain that she loved the hot chocolate and is sad we don’t make it consistently now. 

So when my family learned about my new interest in MUD/WTR they probably thought “Oh boy, not again.”

Then something surprising happened.

Dad's a Cook?

My husband, Steve, knowing my history, may have foreseen me buying a bunch of MUD/WTR only to have us lose interest and not end up using it. That would be some expensive powder sitting unused in our cupboard. He was still loving his Golden Milk but realized he could combine a mushroom drink he was making with his Golden Milk and make an ultra-healthy drink that was as delicious as it was good for us.

He decided to come up with his homemade MUD/WTR that was less expensive and tastes even better than the original.

So Steve developed a recipe!

And it turned out great! (I guess that’s what happens when you are married to a recipe developer for long enough)

He figured out the ingredients used in MUD/WTR, found good products he could buy bulk online, and figured out the correct ratios.

My family has been drinking this recipe of his for the last few weeks, and we like it!

I thought I’d share it with you!

In addition to tasting great, it does have great health benefits. 

Cacao is a great source of polyphenols, is packed with minerals and nutrients, and supports a healthy gut.

Mushroom powders such as Chaga, Lions Mane, and Reishi provide energy, clarity, immune support, and can help with relaxation.

Masala Chai provides great energy.

And Turmeric and Ginger both promote gut health and a healthy immune system.

Try this recipe and let me know what you think!


Living Well with Dr. Michelle

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