Dr. Michelle Jorgensen, DDS

Health-Based Holistic Dentistry
With Your Whole-Body In Mind

A Healthy Body Starts With A Healthy Mouth

Holistic Health-Based Dental Care

Research has shown many chronic health issues have been linked back to infection in the mouth and with today’s skill and technology, we are able to see, understand and treat those issues.

At Total Care Dental & Wellness, we utilize the latest in dental technology combined with holistic health-based techniques to provide high-tech, minimally-invasive treatments. This allows us to find the root cause of health issues instead of just giving you a temporary bandage.

We Offer Dental & Wellness Services

Holistic General Dentistry

We take a whole-body root-cause approach that will solve and correct issues—not just give you a temporary bandage. Find your health answers and remember "a healthy body starts with a healthy mouth."

Restorative & Cosmetic

Get natural-looking smile you have always dreamed of without compromising your health with metals or toxic materials. Specialized in biomimetic dentistry and trained to preserve the natural tooth.

Health-Based Surgery

A detailed health-based approach to dental surgery that focuses on healing, rebuilding sites and preventing bone loss. Every procedure will be done in the most natural, biological and professional way possible.

Sleep, TMJ & Airway

Finding and correcting the root cause of sleep apnea, TMJ, and airway issues. We give you the tools and training to find relief from headaches, neck pain, jaw pain, and more. It’s time to sleep soundly, and live pain-free.

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Dental and Whole Body Health
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The Importance Of Cleaning Between Your Teeth!

Cleaning between your teeth is an essential part of oral hygiene as it removes plaque and food particles that brushing alone cannot reach. Neglecting to clean between your teeth can lead to gum disease, cavities, and bad breath.

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Dental and Whole Body Health
Aubrey Newell

Cold Sore or Canker Sore?

Cold sores and canker sores are two types of sores that can develop in and around the mouth, but they are caused by different factors

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Dental and Whole Body Health
Aubrey Newell

Hydroxyapatite Enamel Remineralization

What is Hydroxyapatite? Hydroxyapatite is a naturally occurring mineral form of calcium phosphate, which is the main mineral component of teeth and bones. It is

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