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Safe Mercury Removal

Dentists all over the world remove millions of amalgam fillings every day, with little concern for the possible mercury exposure that can result from grinding them out. It is not unusual for a new amalgam filling to replace the old one.

Dental amalgam is a dental filling material used to fill cavities caused by tooth decay. It has been used for more than 150 years in hundreds of millions of patients. It contains elemental mercury, which releases low levels of mercury in the form of a vapor that can be inhaled and absorbed by the lungs. High levels of mercury vapor exposure are associated with adverse effects in the brain and the kidneys.

Mercury fillings aren’t a permanent fix for a tooth. They have an average life-span of 8-12 years, some fillings wear out before that time and others last much longer. If you have mercury fillings, you will most likely have to have them removed and replaced at some point in time, just from wear and tear.

Dr. Jorgensen was a mercury-free dentist for 14 years. Now she is a mercury-safe dentist in American Fork, Utah (UT). There IS a difference!

It is extremely important that mercury fillings are removed safely, because the greatest exposure to mercury comes when the old filling is drilled out. Total Care Dental’s procedures for removing mercury fillings can reduce your exposure to mercury vapors by up to 90%.

For more information, check out our segment on ABC News regarding the safe removal of mercury fillings!

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Whole Body Health

Healthcare Beyond Dental-picIf you have a lot of tooth problems, such as leaking fillings, unresolved decay or gum disease, it can wear your immune system out. Your body will not have the strength it needs to fight off other systemic diseases and you may catch every little cold and flu that comes along.

At Total Care Dental, we’re about Hope, Health and You. We take a whole body approach to dental care. Through our 40 point exam, we may be able to identify that you have other undiagnosed health conditions which can potentially be hurting your immune system. We believe in biological dentistry, and offer a less toxic, more individualized form of dental care than ever before.

The moral of the story: Take care of your mouth, take care of your body, and it will take care of you in return.

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What Toothpaste Should You Use?

spring-clean-your-teethIf you want your Teeth Healthy and Bright… Try Dr. J’s Mouthpaste Tonight!

When Dr. J learned what was in ALL major brands of toothpaste, she started searching for something healthier. She really liked some brands ** , but none had everything she was looking for. So, she started whipping up batches of toothpaste in her kitchen and Dr. J’s MouthPaste was born. Why MouthPaste?? Because it helps your entire mouth, not just your teeth!

Toothpaste’s Dirty Little Secrets…

Do you know what’s in your toothpaste?

Triclosan – An antibacterial product classified as a Pesticide. May cause cancer.
Sodium Laurel Sulfate – A detergent that can damage eyes, irritate skin and affect breathing.
Propylene Glycol – Active ingredient in anti- freeze. Causes brain, liver and kidney problems.
DEA – Disrupts hormones and forms cancer – causing nitrates.
Fluoride – Toxic and leads to nausea and vomiting if too much is swallowed.
Artificial Sweeteners, Colors, Flavorings

Dr. J’s MouthPaste Recipe…

2 T Bentonite Clay – Absorbs toxins, chemicals, and heavy metals. Releases minerals (calcium). Helps cells get oxygen. Alkalizes.
2-3 T Boiled Water, cooled
2 T 10% Nano-Silver – Potent anti-biotic that slows bacteria growth in the mouth.
4 drops Tea Tree Oil – Topical antiseptic, anti- bacterial, anti-fungal treatment. Reduces infection.
15 drops Peppermint or Lemon Essential Oil – Promotes healthy function of the digestive, immune, and respiratory systems,.
5 drops Liquid Stevia – Comes from the leaf of a South American shrub. Very sweet but doesn’t cause cavities.
Pinch Real Salt – Pulls toxin s from the cells and alkalizes the mouth.

**Dr. J’s favorite store-bought brand— Earthpaste by Redmond Trading Company.

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Oil Pulling

Oil Pulling is a therapy that has been in use for hundreds of years. It is regaining popularity in our society as people are turning back to natural health practices.

What is it?
Oil pulling is simply swishing oil around in your mouth for 15-20 minutes, effectively soaking up or “pulling” disease causing bacteria and their toxins out from around the teeth and gums. This cleans the mouth far better than any toothbrush or mouth rinse can do alone.

Why is it needed?
Your mouth is like a tropical rainforest. It is hot, humid, and stays the same temperature year round. Like a rain forest, it is teaming with life – bacteria, viruses, fungi and protozoa. Although you can’t see them, your mouth is home to billions of microorganisms; some are good, and some are bad. Brushing alone can only remove 60% of these microbes.

How does it work?
Oil pulling removes germs from the mouth. Each of these germs has an outer “skin” made of lipids (fat). When you put oil in your mouth, the fatty skin of the microorganism is attracted to it. As you swish the oil around, microbes are being picked up just like they are being drawn to powerful magnets.

What does it do?
The oil pulls microbes out of your mouth. This means less dental disease for you (cavities, gum infection, etc). Anytime you cut your mouth or have bleeding gums, these same microbes enter your bloodstream and can affect your entire body. If there are less germs in your mouth, there are fewer that can enter your body and cause you harm.

What to use:
Virgin Coconut Oil or other vegetable oils (Sunflower or Sesame)

How to do it:

  1. Put 2 t. liquid oil in your mouth and swish vigorously for 15-20 minutes.
  2. Do not swallow the oil!
  3. Spit the oil out into a paper towel or the garbage.
  4. Repeat once a day.


  • Is best to do on an empty stomach, and it will have the most effect if done in the morning.
  • You may not last 15 minutes at first, but stick with it and you will build up to this time quickly.
  • Coconut oil may be solid at room temperature. You can heat it gently on the stove or put in your mouth in a solid and it will quickly melt.
  • Don’t spit in the sink to avoid clogging your drain.
  • You will most likely have a healing crisis period after starting oil pulling. You may get a sore throat, have a toothache for a day or two, or even feel a little sick. Don’t stop! This doesn’t mean oil pulling isn’t good for you, it means the oil is pulling out bad guys that have been hiding for awhile. Keep doing it and you will feel better soon.

You can research more on the internet, or we are always happy to answer your questions!

To your health, Total Care Dental Team

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Natural cold and flu remedies

Hello! We want to help you and your family stay healthy and well. These are some of our favorite natural health remedies that we use with our families and recommend to our patients.

Dr. J’s Cold-Busting Ginger-ADE
Boil 1 quart water with 1 T grated ginger and a dash cayenne pepper. Simmer, covered for 15 minutes. Strain out all solids. Add the juice of one lemon and 1/4 C honey.
– Drink 1-2 cups every few hours until feeling better –

The best thing to fight a cold since mom’s chicken soup!” – Dr. Michelle Jorgensen

Instant-Relief Eucalyptus Sinus Steam
Bring a large pot of water to boil until steaming. Add 2-3 drops of Eucalyptus essential oil. Turn off the heat, and drape a towel over your head. Lean over the pot with eyes closed and inhale steam for 5-10 minutes.

First-Aid Kit In a Bottle
Combine 2 drops of Lavender, Peppermint and Lemon Essential oils and rub them on the back of your neck. Use at the first sign of cold and flu or headache symptoms.

Nature’s Medicine Cabinet
Natural Anti-viral
Combine 1 T Apple Cider Vinegar and 1 C water. Gargle then swallow.

Cough relief
Elderberry syrup

Natural Antibiotic
Mince 1-2 cloves garlic and drink with water.

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Kissable Fresh Breath

Would you Like to be More Kissable this Valentine’s Day?

Kissable Fresh Breath Tips From your Friends at Total Care Dental



Tip #1 – Clean It Up!
WHY?? Your mouth bugs hide on your tongue. If they stay, they spread and smell bad. Clean your tongue every night with a tongue cleaner. (A toothbrush isn’t enough)

HOW?? After brushing, use a tongue cleaner. Scrape tongue from back to front, wash and repeat until clean.


Tip #2 – Pull Them Out!
WHY?? Of the 80 billion microbes in your mouth, some are good, some are bad. Remove the bad guys with oil pulling. Like a magnet, the oil pulls the microbes out from hiding places your toothbrush can’t reach.

HOW?? Use 1-2 t of coconut oil. Place into your mouth and swish for 10-15 minutes. Spit out into the garbage can. Repeat once a day, preferably before eating.


Tip #3 – Freshen It Up!
WHY?? The mouthwashes and mints/gum typically sold for fresh breath can actually make the problem worse! Both the alcohol in mouthwash and the sugar in mints and gum cause more bugs to grow!

HOW?? Use a mouthwash without alcohol and a xylitol containing mint or gum if you want fresh breath that will last.

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Total Care Dental... About Hope, Health, and You!

At Total Care Dental, we understand that switching to a new dentist, or finding a new dentist can be a worrisome task. You want to find someone who is professional, offers services that you need or want, and provides a friendly atmosphere. We believe we meet that standard and beyond. Follow one of the steps below and have your most enjoyable dental visit ever!