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Last week I shared a story about eating arepas with a sweet Venezuelan family, and it was certainly a highlight of our trip.

What I didn’t tell you is that the day and a half before meeting that family, we visited families and homes all over the city…

…it was two days filled with food of every shape, size, color and sugar level!

We were in homes with…

  • ramshackle walls
  • threadbare couches
  • dogs in every state of cleanliness
  • children and adults squeezed into every nook and cranny.

And they all had one thing in common – love!

They loved my son and the service he had provided, so they wanted to pay it back in part through feeding us!

The first home fed us a Chilean Asado…

…and it was more meat than you might see in the meat section in a grocery store!

chilean food family

All grilled to juicy perfection, and served with a plate full of rice, Chilean bread, potato salad, dressed lettuce and fried balls of mashed potatoes…

Just when we thought we couldn’t eat anymore, they brought out a very traditional Chilean dessert which looks like soda crackers layered with their version of Dulce de Leche.

I was up to my eyeballs in food, and it was only the first home!

The next houses brought cakes and cookies, juices and soda, crackers and cream cheese covered in soy sauce. One of the most humble women made us stuffed potatoes with meat and onions, homemade brownies and rice pudding…

…and we wanted to be polite and eat everything they offered, but at a certain point it was physically impossible to eat anymore!!

That’s often what I feel like when starting to learn something new.

The information comes so quickly and in such volumes, I simply can’t take in any more!

Because I’ve been the student in so many of these courses, I am working hard to avoid this “information to your eyeballs” overload.

This is why I’ve designed Living Well with Dr. Michelle to be presented in modules of information – based on one topic per month.

We will kick off each module with an Introduction Video and goals for the months…

Throughout the month you will find content that applies to the topic.

And the center point of Living Well will be our online review system for products, content and courses related to Natural Health.

Have you ever wondered what you can trust online?

Well that’s what we are going to answer for you!

We are unsponsored, so no one is paying for our opinions or reviews. The information will be based on science and personal experience.

Let us sift through the “up to your eyeballs” information online and give you the best of the best.

I’m still working through how this will work and look…

…and that’s why I’m giving you Lifetime Access for your help as Living Well builds and becomes useful to you in your journey toward health!

Talk to you soon!

Michelle “Overloaded with Arepas” Jorgensen

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