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My family and I are on a bucket list trip to Peru and I wanted to share a few of our experiences.

This morning we were up long before the sun…

We walked to the train station, rode a train 1 1/2 hours, met our guide and boarded a bus and held on for 25 minuntes up breakneck turns to the top of a mountain.

Which mountain?

The one and only Machu Picchu…

machu picchu

Needless to say—Peru isn’t disappointing us!

As we walked through the stone entrance gate to this official Wonder of the World, so many questions flooded my mind…

  • Why in the world did they build this amazing city at the top of sheer, 1500 foot cliffs?
  • Why is it still here, so well preserved?
  • Why did the Spanish conquerors leave it alone?

…and why did people devote their lives to building this stone wonder?

Our energetic guide Gladys spent the next three hours helping answer these questions and more.

Although there are still a lot of unknowns about the origins and purpose of this city on the mountain (Machu Picchu is translated “Old Mountain”)…

…the pure brilliance of their engineering and architecture is indisputable. They were incredible artisans.

machu picchu

Gladys explained that:

  1. The first generation of hardy Inka people cleared the land of the dense, nearly impenetrable jungle.
  2. The second generation built terraces of stone, gravel and imported soil. Along with the aqueduct and irrigation systems that are still functioning today.
  3. The third generation began growing crops and finished the stone city, complete with homes, storage buildings, temples and a palace for the Inka.

It was not until the fourth generation of people that they began living and using the city as it was intended!

Three GENERATIONS of people toiled their entire lives building something they never saw complete…

…why in the world did they do that?

We will never be sure of an answer to this question, but many people have made educated guesses through the years.

Machu Picchu is thought to have been a center for learning and astrology (as well as a refuge for the Inka)…

The people revered and worshipped the water, PacchuMama (Mother Earth), the Condor and other Gods related to Nature.

We can guess that their devotion to these Gods and to the Inka gave them a big enough Why to live and work an entire lifetime building a city for them.

I started wondering if I believe in anything that deeply…

What do I spend my time and talents doing?

The question of WHY is an important one!

About five years ago I found an even bigger WHY…

I realized I could not only help my patients have healthier mouths, but healthier bodies and lives. What a great profession!

And what’s even cooler is that I’ve spent my life learning about what I thought was random, odd pieces of information about a wide variety of self-reliance and health topics such as…

  • Food and nutrition
  • Cooking
  • Food preserving
  • Gardening
  • Herbal medicine

…and ancient healing arts.

My family laughs at my bookshelf because you’d think ten different people bought books to fill it. (I’ve always been very curious about a lot of things)

This new WHY has given me an opportunity to share all these random bits of information and I love it!

Next month I’m launching Living Well with Dr. Michelle.

The name might be a little corny…

…but it’s exactly what I hope to do with this outreach — help you LIVE WELL!

Watch for our Live Course Calendar with courses I present on everything from “What is Holistic Dentistry to Healthy?” to “Easy Family Meals”.

We will also be hosting courses by other health care providers in our brand new education center.

Watch for blogs and videos on all sorts of Living Well topics (I have even been filming here in Peru)

I can’t wait!

From Machu Picchu,

Dr. Michelle “I love Peru” Jorgensen


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