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rain and tummies

Anytime I book a place to stay on Airbnb, I never know quite what I’m going to find when I arrive! This week was another adventure! I am staying in southern Utah and speaking at and attending a retreat with Karen Urbanek. I knew I needed to stay somewhere off site because I have some work to do, but there weren’t a lot of choices. I found a fun ranch and thought it would be perfect.

It was a rainy, dark night when I arrived, but the instructions for self check in seemed pretty self explanatory. “Park in front of the garden gate, take the stairs down between the house and garden and go into the garage.” So I followed the instructions – walked down the stairs and saw an old garage door that was closed. But there were no other doors. Nowhere. I walked back up the stairs, made sure I was in the right place, and walked back to the garage. I was getting soaked walking back and forth in the rain, and really needed a bathroom stop, so decided I was just going to lift up the garage door.

It was the right move! I lifted up the door, walked through a wood shop and into the basement of the home. I found it, and it was better than I expected! The next day I went to the retreat and told them where I was staying. I got some funny reactions! They offered to let me stay with them instead, but it really was okay. I realized I am not too picky, which is a good thing.

At the course we are learning about diet and what to eat to heal our gut. We have learned how gut health relates to autoimmune disease, cancer, tooth health, brain health, etc. It’s something that shouldn’t be messed with! So even though I’m not picky about where I stay, you and I should be picky about what we eat!

Some things I learned that you can do right away:
total care gut check

  1. Eat something fermented! I know fermentation has a bad rap, but it’s nothing other than a preservation method that has been used for thousands of years. Our ancestors knew something we’ve forgotten. That fermentation helps to build your gut better an anything else you can do.
  2. Fermented options – Kombucha, Kefir (dairy or coconut water or other water), Fermented vegetables like Sauerkraut or Kimchi
  3. Switch up your ferments. Don’t buy or make the same type of kombucha all the time.       Switch up brand and flavor to feed your gut a variety of good bacteria.
  4. Eat things that give you Short Chain Fatty Acids. These are helpful in reducing food allergies. Find them in apples, apricots, blackberries, carrots, oranges, onions, leeks, asparagus, oats, rice, and grasses.
  5. Minimize gluten containing grains – wheat, barley and rye.
  6. Only eat cultured dairy.

There is so much more, but these are some things you can start on right now if you have a gut or digestive problem. You will see a change!

total care gut checkWe have some exciting news to share about the Wellness arm of Total Care Dental and Wellness. We hope to help you more with the wellness and nutrition component or your health journey, and are expanding our facility as well as our offerings.   Stay tuned!

Now back to the retreat! I’m learning about healing with Hydrogen right now. Never a dull moment and always too much to learn!



Dr. Michelle Jorgensen

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