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Today brought the end to something that has been a huge part of my life for over 15 years.  After the final game of the State USSA Soccer Tournament today, my two oldest boys were officially done with High School sports.  They have racked up 8 State Championships and numerous other accolades during their school sporting years, so I would dare say it’s been a great run!

It hasn’t been without it’s ups and down and worried thought.  In yesterday’s game, my son went down hard and stayed on the ground.  I was instantly on my feet – last year he broke his collarbone in a soccer game, in this same town.  Not again!!  He wasn’t moving for quite some time, but said it was his ankle.  He was carried off the field, and taken to the bench.  I hurried down and helped him take off his shoe and sock – to see a very swollen right ankle.  He was sweating and white as a ghost, and as teary as I’ve seen him in a long time.  This wasn’t just your run of the mill sprained ankle.

Ankle problems

One of the parents is a physician and looked closely at his ankle.  As they poked and probed and moved it around, they decided it was most likely not a break, but a pretty serious sprain along with a bone contusion – basicly a bruised bone.  This made sense because he tripped and fell to the side, twisting the ankle, and then the other player stepped right on his ankle bone with his cleats.  Ouch!

Now you have to understand my son’s playing style – he is the point guard on the basketball team, the setter on the volleyball team, the baseball first baseman and the wing or forward in soccer.  He is always in the middle of the action and plays his heart out to help the team win.  The game was the semi-final game of the state tournament and he was not about to sit it out if there was any way possible to play.

Can’t keep him down

So we found a brace from a girl from his school that had just finished playing her game, poured ice in a sock and tied it around his ankle, and he started trying to walk.  He went from not able to move it at all to walking around and asking to go back in after half time.  That’s just the kind of kid he is.

So back in he went.  He played most of the second half and they won the game!  He was in a lot of pain and determined to get back into playing condition for the championship game today.  Knowing it was his last high school game, I decided to do anything I could to help.

What do you do??

I’ve attached a picture of the ankle and my “Crazy mom’s ankle doctoring kit”!  I covered him with so many lotions and potions and oils, he was oozing, but he let me because he wanted to play.  Verdict…he played all but about 5 minutes of the championship game today.  They ended up losing to a very tough team, but it wasn’t because they didn’t give it their all.  He was definitely not at 100%, but he was out there, leading the team, and making things happen like he always does.

Joint and Sport Injury Treatment

Now what did I use?  Let me tell you, because I think it’s a great combination for any type of joint or sports problem.

  • Ice – this is nature’s best anti inflammatory.  There is never an injury that can’t benefit from some icing.

  • Curamin – an herbal antiinflammatory and pain reliver.  This product has DLPA, turmeric and boswelia in it.  It is a potent pain reliever and does it safely.

  • Life-flo Magnesium sport lotion – Magnesium is great to relax muscles, and in a sprain, we wanted his muscles to be loose, or he would lose mobility.  The added benefit of this lotion is that is has Arnica in it – a homeopathic treatment for bruising.

  • Arnica oil – I figure it never hurts to do a little more Arnica – for bruising and trauma.

  • Dr. Christopher’s Complete Tissue and Bone – This is a salve that has all kinds of healing herbs for bones and tissue.  I gooped him up good with this before wrapping it for the night.

  • Trameel – this is a homeopathic medicine to treat trauma. I used the drops and the lotion on the area.

  • My own Fire and Ice Ointment- this is from a recipe from Dr. Kyle Christensen.  It is a wonderful herbal and menthol salve that brings relief to whatever it touches.

  • A cold laser – I used this on the area to stimulate blood flow and speed healing.

You probably don’t need all of these things – in fact one or two will probably suffice, but I couldn’t leave it to chance.  His ankle looks terrible now after playing on it for two days after the injury, but he did what he wanted to do to finish his High School career.  Now I’m doctoring it to get him ready for his mission in 1 ½ months.  I think he will wear ankle braces for years and he will need to be careful for the next little while, but herbs and homeopathics should help speed his healing.

Always learning

This is an area I’m just dipping my toes into.  I think I will be learning about herbs and homeopathy and lasers and alternative therapies for the rest of my life!  In fact, I read a book about Microcurrent all the way up and back in the car today and it is blowing my mind.  Watch for future posts about that because they will be coming!  We CAN heal ourselves without drugs and invasive therapies.  We CAN lead healthy lives and be full of energy and happiness.  We CAN teach what we know and share to help others.  Let’s learn together!

Have a great week!


Dr. Michelle Jorgensen

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