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Total Care Dental In American Fork Is Changing For YouWaking up from a deep sleep to a gorilla yell and a big splash – that is the stuff my childhood memories are made of! My family has a long tradition of yearly trips to Lake Powell, starting when I was a baby.  The yell and the splash…those were from my grandpa jumping into the lake at first light.  No matter the temperature, he would yell that the water was “tepid” and that we all needed to jump in too.

I don’t know of anywhere quite like Lake Powell – and if you’ve been there you would agree with me.  The contrasts are extreme.  Soaring daily temperatures well over 100 degrees and cool water that always takes your breath away.  Red rocks scorching your feet and blue skies calling you out of bed much too early.  And every year we are back.

Lap of Luxury

As I type I am sitting on the top deck of a very nice houseboat.  Now, it’s nothing compared to some of the floating palaces we have seen here, but it’s a far cry from the Lake Powell trips of the past.  When I first started coming to Lake Powell, and for the next 20 years, we slept in tents on the shore.  We had sleeping tents, cooking tents, and even an outhouse tent (with a scorpion in it one year).

There are some things I don’t miss from those days – red dirt in all of our food, being so hot you couldn’t dream of sleeping, and holding the corners of the tent down in the middle of the night so it didn’t blow away.  But there are some things I do miss.  I miss having nothing else to do but play in the water (half of the kid’s time this week was spent playing video games on their portable electronics).  I miss hearing the lapping of the water against the shore without the constant hum of a generator.  And I miss having my grandpa and his gorilla yell here.

Never ending Change

There is only one constant in life, and that is change.  You can depend on it.  There have been lots of books written – has anyone’s cheese been moved lately – talks given and famous quotes spoken about change and how to embrace it. You’re obviously behind the times if you’re still struggling with the concept…  But no matter how much it’s expected and talked about, change is often times painful and uncertain, and a little bit scary.

I have not been a stranger to change lately, and neither has Total Care Dental in American Fork, UT.  We’ve had some significant changes that have caused us rethink and restructure what we do.  Just like the houseboat, there are some great things that have come from it – new doctors, new team members, new hours.  We are excited to have them on board and excited about what they bring to offer you.  But that doesn’t mean we aren’t still smarting a bit from those that we miss.

Thank you Team!

I’d like to thank the Total Care dental team for being so willing to ride the waves of change.  We are excited about where we are heading.  So in the theme of lakes and sun and vacations, I wanted to share a few changes you will really benefit from next time you visit:

Blinded by The Light- We have just introduced an amazing new cavity detection system that uses ONLY LIGHT. That’s right – we can now find cavities, cracks and other problems without using X-rays.  (We still use X-rays for some things and most likely always will, but this is a great alternative).

Monday MOM day of pampering– We now offer the Total Care experience for your entire family!  American Fork, UT, dentist, Dr. Ashley Heid, has joined our team and is amazing with kids (as a mom of two young ones herself she knows where you’re coming from!).  She has implemented an entire cavity-free for life program for your families.  And the icing on the cake  – on Mondays, you get a paraffin hand wax and smoothie while you wait for your kids to get their dental work done.  Yep, I promise this is a dental office!

“Take me away” Dental Care – Would you like to have a healthy, beautiful smile but can’t bear the thought of all the time and work it will take to get it?  How would you like to sleep through it all?  Dr. Chase Larsen, dentist in American Fork, is able to provide all levels of dental sedation.  He does all the work while you relax or sleep.

Feel Good About your dental care – Are you a little frustrated with the traditional medical system?  Do you look for alternatives that are more body friendly?  I have a personal example with this one from last week.  I went to the doctor for a nagging hoarse voice and ended up with three prescriptions and an order for a CT scan.  I wanted them to figure out why I was having the problem rather than just using a bandaid for all of it.  Frustrating!  So that’s what we’ve created for dentistry – we provide the answers rather than just filling the holes.  Come talk to us – you’ll be amazed at how your whole family can be cavity and dental problem free for life.

Thank you for hanging with us through our changes and we can’t wait to show you how the changes will help us provide even better care for you!  We love having you in our dental family, and even though we don’t have any gorilla yells in the morning, we hope you always feel the difference CARING makes.


Dr. Michelle Jorgensen

This information is not meant as medical advice. It is provided solely for education. Our dental practice would be pleased to discuss your unique circumstances and needs as they relate to these topics.

Total Care Dental is Changing!

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